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Hertfordshire County Council

Every 4 years there is an election for all 78 county councillors.


The most recent county council election was on Thursday 6 May 2021. Election 2021 results

The next county council election will be on Thursday 1 May 2025.


Latest election

A by-election in the Harpenden Rural electoral division of the county took place on Thursday 7 December 2023. Election results for Harpenden Rural (7 Dec 2023)

Returning Officer: Quentin Baker, Director of Law and Governance


Register to vote

Register to vote next time. Alternatively, you can:

Visit the Electoral Commission website for more about voting and elections.


Past election and by-election resultsPublic notices about electionsBecome a county councillorMap of electoral divisionsNotice of verification number (PDF 94kb)The minimum number of signatures required for a petition under the Local Government Act 2000.


Public notices about elections

No notices currently.

Become a county councillor

County councillors make decisions about services we provide, oversee how the services are run and represent the interests of people in their area.

Find out how councillors support their communities on the be a councillor website.

The Electoral Commission provide guidance and resources for candidates.

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