We want to know what you think about the issues that matter to you.

We run consultations on a wide range of new ideas, proposals and reviews so that you can have your say on the decisions that we make.

Sometimes consultations will take the form of face to face conversations, focus groups, invitation only or are publicly available to anyone to have their say.

We aim to follow up and publish a response to each consultation that summarises the wider views of the public and the decisions that they inform.

Open consultations

Eastern Waste Transfer Station consultationAysgarth Close, Harpenden  Pedestrian ImprovementsBroadway, Letchworth Garden City Pedestrian Crossings Schemes Norton Road Pedestrian Improvements Sheering Mill Lane, Sawbridgeworth Road Safety Improvements Station Road, Ashwell Pedestrian Improvements SchemeHertford 20mph speed limit zone

Closed consultations 

Adult social services

Children's services

Our budget


Equality and diversity

Fire and rescue

We have no closed consultations at the moment.

Health and wellbeing

Libraries and culture

We have no closed consultations at the moment.


We have no closed consultations at the moment.


Transport and highways

Waste and Recycling