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Hertfordshire County Council

We are currently reviewing our Minerals and Waste Local Plan documents, through the preparation of a new Minerals and Waste Local Plan (the Plan). When adopted, the Plan will replace the following currently adopted Minerals and Waste Planning documents:

  • Minerals Local Plan Review 2002-2016 (adopted March 2007)
  • Mineral Consultation Areas in Hertfordshire Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (adopted November 2007)
  • Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (DPD) 2011-2026 (adopted November 2012)
  • Waste Site Allocations DPD 2011-2026 (adopted July 2014)
  • Employment Land Areas of Search SPD (adopted November 2015)

The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme timetable details the stages of plan production and the timeline for public consultation events.


Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan consultation

We invited views on the Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan, which contains the draft policies and framework for minerals and waste management in Hertfordshire up until 2040. The consultation ran from 22 July 2022 to 30 September 2022.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth ll, the period in which responses to the consultation were accepted was extended until 31 October 2022.

We will now consider all responses received to the Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan and work towards preparing a Proposed Submission version of the Plan.


Interactive map to support the draft plan.

Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan consultation responses

Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan consultation responses (PDF 107MB)Opening in a new window.

These responses were from our consultation held between 22 July and 30 September 2022.

Please note that this is a large file and may take some time to open. The responses received are third-party documents, and as such may not be fully accessible to some users of assistive technology. If you are having difficulty in accessing them, please contact us at

Please also note, this file was originally uploaded on 22 February 2023, however an error was located in the document. This was corrected and a new version of the document (with a new filename ending 20230303) was uploaded on 03 March 2023. The error only related to the contents page, and did not relate to any of the representations or their page numbers.


Core document library

Including supporting evidence base documents and the final sustainability appraisal scoping report.

Core Documents

Primary Evidence

Secondary Evidence

Policy Evidence Reports - Regulation 18 (2022)

Policy Evidence Reports - Post Regulation 18 (2024)

If you need any of these documents in a different format, please contact


Contact the Minerals and Waste Planning Policy Team

01992 556227 (office hours are 9am – 5pm)

Minerals and Waste Planning Policy Team
Spatial Planning Unit (CHN216)
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DN


Previous updates on the Plan

Update - February 2022

We are required to undertake Sustainability Appraisal as part of the evidence base work to support the emerging Minerals and Waste Local Plan. Sustainability Appraisal is an iterative process and is used to identify how sustainable development is being addressed during plan-making . It provides an assessment and evaluation of the policies in the Local Plan against a series of sustainability objectives.

The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (PDF 947KB)Opening in a new window has been produced to meet the requirements of Stage A (also known as the Scoping Stage) of the Sustainability Appraisal process. If you need this document in a different format please email

Update - December 2021

We have been reviewing the currently adopted Minerals and Waste Local Plans through an emerging Minerals Local Plan and emerging Waste Local Plan. We have also been drafting a Waste Facilities Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

In December 2021, the County Council approved:

  • formally withdrawing the emerging plans and SPD
  • bringing together the work done so far on those documents into a single Minerals and Waste Local Plan. 

Notice of withdrawal of local development documents (PDF 127kb)Opening in a new window.

We have also removed any documents relating to the withdrawn plans and SPD, in accordance with Regulations 15 and 27 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, as amended.

We will update this web page as work on the Minerals and Waste Local Plan progresses, in line with the Development Scheme timetable.

Once the Minerals and Waste Local Plan is adopted, it will replace the currently adopted Minerals Local PlanWaste Local Plan and their SPDs.

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