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Hertfordshire County Council

The Waste Local Plan is currently under review, through the Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Our adopted Waste Local Plan is also known as our Waste Development Framework. It is made up of two documents:

Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies document

Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies (PDF 1.67mb) - sets out a spatial vision and strategic objectives for waste planning in Hertfordshire. It also contains the policies needed to implement these objectives and make decisions on waste planning applications.

Supporting documents:

On 5 February 2018, we released a revised set of targets and indicators which replace tables 12 and 13 in our Waste Core Strategy. We use these to monitor the implementation of policies from our Waste Core Strategy and our Waste Site Allocations documents. Monitoring takes place annually and we record it in our Authority’s Monitoring Report.

Waste Site Allocations document

Waste Site Allocations (PDF 13.8mb) - identifies sites for waste management facilities, including waste site briefs for allocated sites and employment land areas of search. It conforms with the Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies document.

Supporting documents:

They are supported by the following:

Employment Land Areas of Search Supplementary Planning Document



Site waste management plans

In our Waste Core Strategy (policy 12 - Sustainable Design, Construction and Demolition) we encourage the use of site waste management plans.

These plans aim to encourage sustainable waste management and reduce the amount of waste produced on a development site. For example, by considering the waste created from internal alterations in a change of use proposal.

Site waste management plans should include the types of waste removed from the site and where that waste is taken to.

Good practice templates:

Send your completed site waste management plans to us for data collection:

01992 556227 (office hours are 9am – 5pm)

Minerals and Waste Planning Policy Team
Spatial Planning Unit (CHN216)
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
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