We (Hertfordshire County Council) are the minerals planning authority for the county. 

We have a legal responsibility to plan for the future supply of sand and gravel in Hertfordshire.

Minerals Local Plan

We adopted our current plan on 27 March 2007:

Minerals Local Plan Review 2002-2016 (PDF 513kb)Opening in a new window

The Minerals Local Plan contains:

  • our policies for determining mineral extraction planning applications
  • preferred areas for future sand and gravel extraction.

The plan is used to protect sand and gravel resources from non-minerals development, making them inaccessible for extraction or introducing development which is not compatible with mineral extraction nearby.

Maps within the Minerals Local Plan


Minerals Local Plan Saving Direction

The Secretary of State issued a direction to save the Minerals Local Plan policies. This means they remain part of the decision making process until the plan is reviewed.


Minerals Consultation Areas Supplementary Planning Document

Alongside the Minerals Local Plan, we also adopted a Supplementary Planning Document (PDF 98.45Kb) Opening in a new window.

The purpose of the document is to ensure that district and borough councils consult us before determining applications for development in mineral consultation areas.

Adopted mineral consultation areas are identified on county, district and borough proposals maps in their local plans.

Maps and supporting documents



Minerals local plan reviewWe must review whether the sites and policies in the adopted Minerals Local Plan are still appropriate, and whether new sites are needed. We invite public feedback at multiple stages of the review.