District and borough councils deal with planning applications for houses and extensions, shops and industrial buildings.


Hertfordshire County Council only deals with planning for minerals (mostly sand and gravel quarries) and waste, and for services we provide such as schools, libraries and roads.


Searching for planning applications

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How to make a planning application

Apply via the UK Government's Planning Portal.

The validation checklist gives details about the supporting information which must accompany applications.

Get advice from Planning Aid England.

Options before making a planning application

Screening Opinion

Before submitting a planning application, you can apply for a Screening Opinion Request to see if a development should be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). 

This is to identify projects that might have significant effects on the environment. A screening opinion helps developers get an idea of how likely an EIA will be needed before a formal application is submitted.

If a development is considered to require an EIA, you can get further advice by requesting a scoping opinion.


Scoping Opinion

A Scoping Opinion (also known as an Environmental Statement) is a formal opinion given by the local planning authority on what the main effects of a development are likely to be.

If the Local Planning Authority considers that it needs further information to be able to adopt a scoping opinion, the developer may be asked to provide it. 

The authority should consult statutory consultees, including relevant district or borough councils and the Environment Agency, before adopting its scoping opinion. 

Email the Spatial Planning and Economy Unit for more information.

How the council makes a decision

Non-controversial applications can be decided by planning officers without reference to county councillors.

Planning applications that are controversial are always reported to the Developmental Control Committee for a decision.

To see what decision is made on any planning application, or the date of a Development Control Committee, write to the Spatial Planning Unit (enclose a stamped addressed envelope) stating which application you are interested in:

Spatial Planning & Economy Unit
County Hall CHN216
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DN

See the Planning Code of Practice for councillors and council officers involved in the planning process.

Making your views known

You can address the Developmental Control Committee in respect of any planning application.

Complete our making your views known form if you'd like to make a verbal presentation to the Committee.

You can return the form to us by email: spatialplanning@hertfordshire.gov.uk

or by post:

Spatial Planning & Economy Unit
County Hall CHN216
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DN.

Write to us at the above address if you'd like to contact us about a current planning application, but you don't want to make a presentation to the Development Control Committee.

Planning enforcement

Our planning enforcement team monitors compliance with planning permissions granted by the county council and investigates breaches in respect of the council's own operations and developments.

Contact for the Local Government Ombudsman

The Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771

Web: www.lgo.org.uk/
LGO Advice Team
T: 0300 061 0614 
Fax: 024 7682 0001

Land searches

Minerals and waste operations

For details of minerals or waste operations (including quarries, waste facilities, landfill or contaminated land in relation to these operations) email our Spatial Planning and Economy Unit.

Responses will be provided detailing any mineral or waste planning records held by our spatial planning unit. 

Highway Boundaries & Land Charges
T: 01992 556181 E: hcclandcharges@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Common Land and village green searches
T: 01992 556103 E: commons.enquiries@hertfordshire.gov.uk 

Local land charges
For local land charge enquiries contact the nearest district or borough council for the area of enquiry.

Contaminated land
Contact the local district or borough council or the Environment Agency for contaminated land enquiries. 

Energy Recovery Facility, Rattys Lane, Hoddesdon

We recently consulted on a proposed application by Veolia Environmental Services Ltd for:  Proposed demolition of existing buildings and structures associated with existing rail aggregates use and construction and operation of an Energy Recovery Facility for the treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes; importation, storage and transfer of local authority collected healthcare waste together with ancillary infrastructure including administration/visitor centre; incinerator bottom ash storage shed; grid connection compound; car, HGV, bus and visitor parking areas; rail sidings improvements; weighbridges and weighbridge office; 2 portacabin offices; sprinkler tank and pump room; drainage connection to River Lee; security fencing; landscape and highway improvements to Rattys Lane at 2, Rattys Lane, Hoddesdon, EN11 0RF.

See the application documents

The closing date for representations was Friday 31 March 2017.