Minerals and Waste Planning Policy

The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (MWDS) sets out the county council's programme for preparing and monitoring the minerals and waste development plan documents. The current MWDS was revised in November 2016.

Minerals and Waste Authority's Monitoring Report

We are required by legislation to produce an Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR) (PDF 672Kb) Opening in new window (previously known as an Annual Monitoring Report) as part of the Local Plan process.

The AMR, which will involve a review of the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (timetable for Local Plan production) will be produced on an annual basis from 1 April to 31 March.  Amongst other matters, the AMR will monitor the following to determine whether a review is needed:

  • the progress with Local Plan preparations including reviewing the timetable for plan production as specified in the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme; the stages the document(s) have reached in their preparation and any reasons for slippage in the prescribed timetable
  • the performance and implementation of policies, including saved policies
  • the targets and indicators within the Minerals and Waste Local Plans
  • the capacity of new waste management facilities
  • conformity with the European Union Waste Framework Directive
  • details of how the county council fulfils the duty to cooperate requirement.

The AMRs produced by the county council prior to 2013 included monitoring information on the production of primary land-won and secondary/ recycled aggregates for each calendar year.

This information is now contained in the Local Aggregate Assessment as a standalone document.

Minerals and waste development framework authority's monitoring reports

For older Authority Monitoring Reports, email mineralsplanning@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Statement of Community Involvement

We are required by legislation to produce a Statement of Community Involvement (PDF 643kb) Opening in new window. This sets out the council's intentions for the involvement of communities in relation to:

  • the preparation and revision of minerals and waste development documents
  • consideration of planning applications for which we are the planning authority (i.e. all planning applications relating to mineral extraction and waste management as well as development for county council services such as schools, libraries etc).

Our current Statement of Community Involvement was adopted on 7 March 2013 with minor amendments made in June 2017 to reflect changes in web addresses, organisation names, contract details and regulations.

Contact the minerals and waste planning policy team

Email: minerals.planning@hertfordshire.gov.uk or      waste.planning@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

Phone: 01992 556227 (office hours are 9am – 5pm)


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