'Green issues' refers to a number of environmental issues including climate change and quality of life in Hertfordshire.

Climate change

Climate change is a natural process. 'Man-made' climate change is the recent warming of the Earth and it's mainly driven by the rise in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane.

We recognise that climate change is a challenging issue for everyone living and working in Hertfordshire. But it also creates opportunities, such as:

  • More efficient use of resources, which not only saves money, but also helps to preserve natural resources.
  • Technological innovation.
  • A potential boost to the economy.

We're committed to monitoring emissions and preparing our services to tackle climate change.

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Green infrastructure

Green infrastructure includes parks, fields, woodlands, rivers, wetlands, allotments and private gardens. We work with others to improve public access to the countryside and support wildlife.

We identify areas or features as part of a Green Infrastructure network and make sure they meet demonstrated needs for functions or services and it's properly engineered. For example, providing a large roundel of tarmac for cars should serve a specific purpose.

Functions include people, wildlife and water flows. Two classification systems currently in use include the functions listed in the former Countryside Agency's Countryside in and around towns initiative, and the Ecosystems Services referred to in the recent Natural Environment White Paper.

Green Infrastructure should be networked. Networking urban parks, footpaths, and quiet country lanes to open access land provides better access to the countryside.

Similarly linking Hertfordshire's woods and hedgerows and retaining riverside habitats through towns creates better nature reserves. There also needs to be good networking between partners involved with GI planning and management.

See our Strategic Green Infrastructure Plan.

Read the Green Infrastructure and territorial cohesion report from the European Environment Agency.


Quality of Life report

The Quality of Life report provides an annual update on Hertfordshire's society, economy and environment. It's an annual snapshot of life in Hertfordshire.

The report aims to bring together the most important social, economic and environmental issues affecting the residents of Hertfordshire.



Building Futures

We work with the different district councils to promote sustainable development in Hertfordshire.