What is a Scoping Opinion?

Scoping Opinions are formal questions put to the County Council about developments. They require an Environmental Impact Assessment to see what topics should be examined in preparation for the Environmental Statement. 

This allows developers to be clear about what the Local Planning Authority considers to be the main effects of the development.

See the Government's planning practice guidance for more information.

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Chequersfield Scoping Opinion

A request has been received by the County Planning Authority for pre-application planning advice and a scoping opinion for the potential redevelopment of the Chequersfield North Site in Welwyn Garden City.

The report is included below for information. A scoping opinion has been issued and is available below. The purpose of a scoping opinion is to provide a summary of technical and environmental information that the County Planning Authority would expect to see included as part of any planning application submitted to them for the proposed development.

Please note that no planning application has been submitted at this stage. Any planning application received in relation to this proposal would be subject to the usual process of public consultation in accordance with the County Council's Code of Publicity for planning applications.