We can advise on:

  • whether planning permission is required for minerals and waste related development
  • what the relevant considerations are likely to be
  • the information that should accompany a planning application to ensure that it's valid. 

Pre-application guidance notes

Environment Agency pre-application and post-permission advice

Validation checklist – check what you need to submit with your application 

Please email spatial.planning@hertfordshire.gov.uk before requesting pre-application advice. The process for new applications might change, due to the statutory need for publicity.


Send completed request forms to:

Spatial Planning and Economy Unit
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall CHN216
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DN


Pre-application advice is paid for by developers. 

Written Enquiries

The flat rate is £200 (plus VAT) but may be subject to additional site investigation charge where insufficient information is provided in the first instance.  Any additional charge will be on the same basis as charges for meetings with officers. 

Meetings with officers 

£100 (plus VAT) for the first 30 minutes.

£50 (plus VAT) per 30 minutes (or part half hour) thereafter.

Where additional officers are required to attend, the fee will be £50 (plus VAT) per officer per half hour (or part half hour) thereafter. 

Charges apply to the following:

  • meeting time
  • post meeting administration or research
  • travelling time to and from site.