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Hertfordshire County Council

Eating well

Support accessing food (including food banks)

To find food banks and other local services in your area:

Financial support for families
Including free school meals and free food, milk and vitamins from the Healthy Start scheme.

Weight management service

A free 12-week programme from Oviva in partnership with Slimming World.

Puts you in control of your health, providing information on how to best manage your weight and to help you make long-term changes to your lifestyle

Slimming World offers weekly face to face group support. You are motivated and encouraged in the hour-long weekly meetings to share experiences, recipes and ideas with your group members in a warm, supportive environment.

Oviva offers a digital programme where you will receive weekly personalised support from a health coach on the Oviva app or via phone or video calls from the comfort of your own home.

Are you eligible?

The service is free to patients who meet the following criteria:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Live in Hertfordshire or be registered with Hertfordshire GP
  • Have a BMI ≥30 OR BMI ≥27.5 for ethnic minority communities and those with co­morbidities to include Diabetes Type 2, Diabetes Type 1, Pre­diabetes, Non­diabetic hyperglycaemia, COPD, CVD, Hypertension, Sleep apnea, Chronic Kidney Disease, Osteoarthritis, Dyslipidaemia.
  • Be ready and motivated to change
  • Have not paid to attend Oviva or Slimming World sessions in the last 3 months
  • Have not attended a free 12­week Weight Watchers or Shape Up programmes in the past 12 months

NB: There is no maximum BMI cut off point for the service

Exclusion criteria

Individuals who meet any of the following criteria will be excluded from this programme:

  • Has a history of an eating disorder (unless agreed in writing by clinical expert)
  • Have been identified by their GP or other healthcare professional as unsuitable to enter a community based weight management service
  • Under the age of 18. In exceptional circumstances some young people between the ages of 16 and 18 may be eligible to participate within the adult programme. Decisions will be made on a case­ by case basis by the commissioner



Self-help options

The NHS 12 week weight loss guide includes a meal plan and a schedule to help you track your food and exercise.

British Heart Foundation - take control of your weight - top tips for successful weight loss, simple food swaps and how to stay active after a heart event.

Advice for families

Pregnancy and the early years

  • Oviva in partnership with Slimming World are delivering a free 12-week health and wellness programme for pregnant women. Choose either digital support through Oviva or face-to-face group sessions with Slimming World. Ask your GP or midwife to see if you are eligible for referral.
  • NHS - healthy diet during pregnancy – including information on supplements, foods to avoid, free Healthy Start vitamins and food vouchers.
  • Start4Life – healthy eating advice from pregnancy until your child's second birthday.

Children and families

  • Change 4 Life – help your child maintain a healthy weight and stay active.
  • Beezee Families – a free programme to help the whole family maintain a healthy weight.
  • Food facts – find out what’s in the food your family eats.

Worried about your child?

If you are concerned that your child is underweight, showing signs of an eating disorder or needs body image support:




Download this app from Google Play. Download this app from the Apple App Store.

NHS Weight Loss Plan

A 12-week plan to help you lose weight.

Download this app from Google Play. Download this app from the Apple App Store.

Active 10 app

Build up your daily walks – start with 10 minutes every day!

Download this app from Google Play. Download this app from the Apple App Store.

Easy Meals app

Meal ideas, recipes, cooking tips.

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Food Scanner app

Find out what's really in your food and drink.

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