We visit and respond to incidents for free as a public service. There are some incidents or call-outs that we charge for, these are 'special services'.

Special services are incidents we visit that are not fires or false fire alarms and could result in charges, such as:

  • loan of equipment
  • interviews with officers
  • providing fire reports from our Incident Reporting System (IRS) 
  • providing fire investigation reports detailing cause and origins of a fire, often requested for insurance purposes (upon agreement with the Investigating Officer).


They can also include:

  • water removal after flooding
  • effecting entry and lift rescues 
  • animal rescues 
  • special services by arrangement 
  • assisting the police 
  • providing large amounts of water.


Other chargeable services

We complete an incident report for each incident that Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service attends. The report gives basic details of the incident, including action taken by the service

More about incident reports