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For each incident that Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service attends, the service will complete an incident report, issued via the Home Office Incident Reporting System (IRS).

This report provides basic details of the incident, such as resources attended, action taken by the service and, where possible, damage specifics and information on the likely origin and cause.

The current cost of a basic incident report is £126.55. 


Where a more complex incident occurs, or where the cause cannot immediately be established, a fire investigation may be carried out, along with the completion of a fire investigation report. The fire investigation report is more in-depth analysis of the incident and comes at an additional cost.


Next steps

On receipt of your enquiry, we will advise which reports are available for your incident, along with payment details.

Once payment has been received, we'll release the basic incident report. Fire investigation reports may take longer to release.

If you have any questions, email

Charges are reviewed annually on 1 April.

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