Traffic and transport data reports (TTDR)

Traffic and transport data reports are produced annually, summarising the latest available information on:

  • traffic levels and growth
  • congestion and air quality
  • how people choose to travel
  • sustainable transport and future improvements.

Latest reports

Previous Reports (2005 - 2015)

Casualty factsheets

Casualty factsheets are produced annually, summarising the most up to date information about traffic accidents and casualties in Hertfordshire.

Previous casualty factsheets (2005 – 2014)

Countywide multi-modal transport model travel patterns

In early 2015, AECOM developed a countywide multi-modal transport model (COMET).

They produced a Pattern of travel across Hertfordshire report which has helped us to understand how people travel in Hertfordshire. This has improved our understanding of how to develop the county's transport infrastructure and accessibility.

Hertfordshire county travel survey

The Hertfordshire county travel survey recorded how a large number of our residents travel.

The most recent survey was in 2015.

The results of these surveys have helped us to improve our existing transport structures and have assisted with developing new schemes.

For further analysis or comment, please contact Gary Beaumont:

Phone: 01992 588614 


District specific results

National Highways and Transport (NHT) Survey

The NHT Public Satisfaction Survey collects public views on Highway and Transport Services such as roads, footpaths and public transport. This annual survey is a collaboration between Highway Authorities across the UK.

The results of this survey can influence the amount of investment the Government allocates to Hertfordshire County Council for highways improvements and maintenance, so we urge residents to complete this if requested.

See the survey results for 2016 and find out more on the NHT homepage.

Make a request for data

Charges may apply for this information depending on individual requirements. Read the data charging policy.

Road traffic database

The road traffic database contains traffic data for roads in Hertfordshire. It is maintained by Highways for Hertfordshire County Council and has been created using both electronic and manual traffic counts.

For all enquiries, please contact David Hart by:


Phone: 01992 658323 

Road collision database

The road collision database is maintained by Highways for Hertfordshire County Council using accident data supplied by the police. In some cases, there may be restrictions on the accident data that can be supplied.

For all enquiries, please contact Anthea Nott:


Phone: 01992 658338

Or Antony Oldridge:


Phone: 01992 658339