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Hertfordshire County Council

Booking process

The Police offer these courses as an alternative to a fine and penalty points. You can only attend if you have received a letter from the Police.

What you'll need

  • offer letter from the police – including a reference number and PIN
  • driver's licence number
  • credit/debit card to pay for your course.


How to book

Register on the NDORS website.

  • Choose Hertfordshire County Council as your course provider
  • Tick the boxes to authorise UKROEd to share your data with us and agree to the terms and conditions.

If you don't receive a confirmation email:

  • check your spam or junk folders
  • contact us at least 1 working day prior to your course.


Change an existing booking

Visit the NDORS website or contact us.

Rescheduling fees may apply (see terms and conditions for full details).

You will need your:

  • driver's licence number
  • booking reference number (starts with 'HER')
  • credit/debit card, if payment is required.



About the courses

These are the courses we currently offer (including course length):

National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC)

Course length: 2 hours 45 minutes (with a 10 minute break)

Teaches attendees to:

  • identify various speed limits and to stay within the limits
  • recognise why it is not safe to speed
  • recognise the potential consequences if they speed
  • recognise and resist pressure to speed from themselves and others around them
  • see hazards that may not be easy to notice when driving.


National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC)

Course length: 3 hours (with a 10 minute break)

Teaches attendees to:

  • understand how to read and safely use motorways, in particular managed motorways
  • understand how and why variable speed limits and lane closures are imposed
  • gain awareness of the negative consequences for self and others breaking the rules on motorways
  • recognise their own personal vulnerability to these consequences
  • gain awareness of how rule-breaking behaviour on motorways is seen and judged negatively by other road users
  • importance of concentration and observation while using the motorway
  • recognise and resist pressure to speed from themselves and others around them.


What's Driving Us? (WDU)

Course length: 3 hours (with a 10 minute break)

Teaches attendees to understand:

  • the causes and negative consequences of risky and inconsiderate driving
  • their own vulnerability to these consequences
  • the importance of concentration and observation
  • recognise and resist pressure to speed from themselves and others around them.


Each course costs £90.

Courses take place online or in-person at a venue in Hertfordshire. Available options will be provided when you book. If you can't attend an online course and there are no venues available, contact us. Please have your offer letter and payment card to hand.


Course requirements

Online courses

Before the day of the course

You will need a link to access the course. You can find it in your confirmation email or by logging into your NDORS account.

We use the Zoom platform to deliver our online courses. You must:

If you fail to follow this process:

  • you may not be able to attend the course on the day
  • you may have to pay a re-booking fee.

On the day of the course

  • make sure that you are in a quiet and private room, where you will not be interrupted
  • have a fully charged device with a camera/webcam and speakers
  • have a stable internet connection for the course duration. If you require any assistance to set up your course, they must leave when the course starts
  • have paper and pen ready to make notes during the course.

You will not be permitted to attend if you:

You will be referred back to the police for their consideration. See the terms and conditions.


This guidance is also covered in a video.


Venue courses

  • Allow plenty of time to travel to the venue, park and register on arrival.
  • Ensure you enter your registration correctly on arrival.
  • We cannot be held responsible if you receive a parking penalty notice at the venue.
  • You must attend the course on your own unless previously agreed with a member of our team.
  • You must bring valid original photo identification or you will be refused entry.


ID requirements (all courses)

You must provide photo identification on arrival at your course, whether it's online or in-person at a venue.

If you do not provide valid photo identification, the trainer will refer you back to us. If we are able to find an alternative course date, you will have to pay a rebooking fee.

Photo identification that we accept

Original copies of:

  • photocard driving licence
  • passport
  • expired photocards/passports are only valid if the trainer considers the photograph to be a true likeness
  • Visit the UKROEd website for other forms of acceptable photo ID.

We cannot accept:

  • photocopies or photos on mobile devices
  • identification that does not contain a photo of the client or interpreter (for example, utility bills, birth or marriage certificates).


Accessibility and special requirements

We can accommodate additional requirements, but you must contact us in advance.

For example, we can help if you:

  • need subtitles added to course presentations (let us know at least 14 days before your course)
  • need a British Sign Language (BSL) course or you need an interpreter to attend - contact us to book your course
  • are a nursing parent
  • have additional learning needs.

Let us know if there's anything you think the trainer should be aware of.


Privacy statement

We will keep your attendance information confidential. We'll keep it for 3 months from the course date. Course attendance will be passed to the police once you have completed the course. Details of the police data policies.


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