Safety camera locations

Use the filter below to search for safety cameras (speed cameras and red light cameras) that we operate.

We don't operate all safety cameras. Some are owned by National Highways and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire.

Safety camera data

Single and bi directional cameras

To make best use of resources and new technology, the Safety Camera Partnership are upgrading to digital safety cameras.

On our list of safety camera locations, digital cameras are labelled as 'single directional' or 'bi directional':

  • Bi directional - these operate in both directions, so they can check the speeds of approaching and receding vehicles at the same time. These are also known as simultaneous bi directional (SBD) cameras.
  • Single directional - if casualty and collision data doesn't indicate a need for a bi directional camera, the camera will only check speeds in one direction (we'll tell you which direction). These are also known as uni directional (UD) cameras.