Changes to your road


We're changing our roadworks programme to help keep our workers and residents safe.

Read more about temporary and permanent changes to the roads in Hertfordshire.

Temporary and permanent changes to roads

When a road is permanently closed, it is called "stopping up the highway". In some cases, members of the public can make a stopping up request if they believe that the highway is unnecessary.

Contact us if you want to enquire about the extent of highway land that is maintainable at public expense.

Gazetteer of Hertfordshire roads

Search for roads, rights of way and cycle paths in Hertfordshire. Many private roads are included, in addition to the roads we maintain.

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Traffic regulation orders (TROs)

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is the process we go through to make temporary or permanent changes to a road and how people use it.

Request, oppose or support a permanent traffic regulation order

Apply to make temporary changes to a road