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Hertfordshire County Council

Dropped kerbs

You can ask us to lower the pavement outside your house so you can get a car onto your driveway.

You must have this as it's illegal to drive over the pavement.

Before you start...

You'll need the following to apply for a dropped kerb:

  • measurements of your driveway
  • a diagram or photo of where you want the dropped kerb to be
  • an idea of how much it will cost (see below).

Some locations will require planning permission.  Please read the dropped kerb terms and conditions for more information.  You can also check with your local district/borough council to see if this applies to you.

To get a decision, you'll need to pay for an assessment of your driveway and pavement we will prepare a quote if your application is approved. The assessment of your application costs £97.

You also need to read the dropped kerb terms and conditions to check you can get one.

Can I get a dropped kerb?

Not everyone can get a dropped kerb. Your driveway must meet our strict rules.

A good way to check if you meet our requirements is to take measurements of your driveway and make a plan / diagram of the area.

When we make a decision, a manager will double check any applications that are declined. You shouldn't expect to get approval just because a neighbour has.

If you live in Letchworth, Welwyn Garden City or Broxbourne borough

You can't apply if:

  • you're on a private road
  • you're a developer of sites of more than 1 property. Take a look at our guidance for developers.

The rules that your driveway must meet

You must check these before you apply:

The depth of your parking area.

Your parking area must be at least 4.8 metres deep and 2.75 metres wide.

If you want to park parallel to your property, your parking area must be at least 3.6 metres deep and 7 metres wide.


You have written permission.

  • Planning permission from your district or borough council.(If applicable)

  • Consent if you live in Letchworth or Welwyn Garden City

  • If you're a tenant, you'll need consent from the landowner.


We'll assess this criteria during your site visit:

  • Your driveway must be at least 15 metres away from a junction. We might reduce this to 10 metres if you live in a cul-de-sac.
  • If the proposed dropped kerb is within a parking bay or lay by, we will refuse your application. 
  • Your dropped kerb mustn't affect the operation of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. It must not be within the confines of zig zag lines.
  • Your drive must have good visibility. Pedestrians and vehicles need to be clearly seen when entering or exiting the property.
  • Your drive must not be steeper than 1 in 10 (10%).
  • The proposed dropped kerb must not be on a busy or high-speed road (above 50mph). If it is, you will need to have space to turn around within your property without having to reverse onto the road.

Take a look at dropped kerb terms and conditions for a full list of things that we assess.

How to apply

The first step is to apply for a quote. It costs £97 to apply.


This covers the processing of the application, the assessment of your driveway and creating a plan of the work needed.

We normally do assessments within 6–8 weeks.

You don't need to be at your home for an assessment, although you can meet the assessor if you contact us in advance.

You can't choose the type of material that we use for your dropped kerb, as it needs to be strong enough to take the weight of a vehicle.

Cost of getting a dropped kerb

Let us know the distance between the edge of the property and the edge of the pavement closest to the road.



After your decision

If we approve your application, you'll need to pay for the dropped kerb itself.

Once you've paid and approved the work plan, we'll carry out the work within
12–14 weeks (depending on the weather).

We'll write to you 1 week before the work starts. You don't need to be there, but you'll need to prepare your driveway (make sure concrete edgings are in place or removing any obstructions like trees or hedges).



You can't drive over a pavement or verge unless a dropped kerb has been approved and installed by us.

The pavement isn't strong enough to take the weight of a vehicle and you'll damage it.

Appeal a decision

You can only appeal if you feel that we haven't applied the criteria correctly. Let us know your reasons.

Email us:

Or write to:

PO Box 153
Abel Smith House
Gunnels Wood Road
Stevenage, Hertfordshire