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Hertfordshire County Council

If you're planning to have a Remembrance Day event on a public road, you'll need to get permission to close the road.

We’re now accepting applications. You'll need to apply by 23 September 2023.

Applications are free, but conditions apply.

How to applyEvent conditions


How to apply 

  1. Check that your proposed road closure won't affect other roadworks and events.
  2. Make a map of the proposed closure and diversion route – you'll need this for your application. Road closure map example (PDF 153Kb).
  3. Read the event conditions
  4. Complete an application form for single or multiple road closures.

Event conditions

You must erect signage and either employ an accredited traffic management company to close the road for you, or hold the required qualifications to close a road, if your plans involve any of the following:

  • closing (or impacting) an A or B road
  • closing a high traffic volume road, such as a high street
  • rolling road closures.

To keep costs to applicants to a minimum, diversion routes do not need to be signed for closures that last 2 hours or less. However, applications need to include a plan that lists the diversion route as this must be detailed on the sealed Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO). If your event lasts longer than 2 hours, we are happy to discuss a suitable way forward with you.

In applying for your event, you confirm the following:

Traffic management

If the above criteria doesn't apply, we still strongly recommend applicants employ a traffic management company. However, a minimum of a Lantra TMCE qualification or equivalent can be accepted.

If you as the applicant have a qualification to allow you to close a road, please send a copy of your relevant traffic management card alongside your application.

We can't recommend traffic management suppliers, however, there are many local suppliers within Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.


The closure must be signed in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Sign Manual.

All signage/barriers erected on the public highway must comply with the Traffic Sign Regulations and General Direction (TSRGD) Act 2016.

Whilst the highway restrictions are in place, a fully competent operative will be in control of and available at all times.

The applicant agrees to place and maintain a copy of the event TTRO and place TSRGD compliant advance warning signs at each point where a traffic restriction will take place. A copy of the notice will be displayed at the event and the applicant will ensure that they are clearly visible to passers-by for the entire duration of time they are on display. These will be removed once the event is finished and it is safe to do so.


Applicants confirm that they indemnify Hertfordshire County Council against any claim arising from the holding of this event.

The applicant understands that it is a requirement that organisers (or appointed traffic management companies) must provide a copy of their public liability insurance to a minimum value of £10,000,000 for any one event. Applicants will provide evidence that this level of cover is in place no later than 14 days before the event start date.

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