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Supplier Invoice Processing and Payment

We have introduced a new electronic system for suppliers to use to submit invoices to us. It is free to use and offers a number of benefits to you.

Our new e-invoicing solution is provided by PROACTIS and can be accessed through an online Supplier Portal. With this you can view your orders from Herts CC and track payment progress. You can also use the Portal to generate invoices, reducing your printing and postage costs (see “PO Flip” below).

You will receive a welcome email from PROACTIS with a web link and log in details to the Supplier Portal. If you need to reset your password, please email

Submitting Invoices

The majority of our purchases orders are raised through our SAP financial system.
A SAP Purchase Order is a 10 digit number beginning with 35. Any invoice with a SAP Purchase Order should be submitted using our new e-invoicing solution.

Any purchase orders not in the above form will need to be submitted using previous guidance.

You should be contacted by PROACTIS to register you for this service.They will help you determine the easiest way for you to submit invoices to us. If you have not yet been contacted then please log onto the PROACTIS MarketPlace, fill in your contact details and we will get back to you.

Most suppliers will use Purchase Order Flip (PO-Flip). This is accessed through a simple online portal. On the portal, you can view all your Purchase Orders, and quickly 'flip' the Purchase Order to create an invoice. There is an introductory video of the Supplier Portal and demonstrates how it can be used.

We are trying to avoid the costs involved with producing paper invoices, both for you and us. If you still want to send a paper invoice then you should send it to:
Hertfordshire County Council - Accounts Payable, PO Box 4765, 345 Edinburgh Avenue, Slough, SL1 0ZS.

Purchase Orders

If supplying goods and services to us, please ask the requisitioner (buyer) to provide you with a Purchase Order.  Having a Purchase Order means you know exactly what you are supplying and also makes clear our standard terms and conditions (e.g. when you will get paid).  In the future we will be looking to pay only those invoices which relate to a Purchase Order.

However, there may be some exceptions to this requirement for a Purchase Order but we will confirm to you in writing when these instances occur.  Separate instructions will be issued on how these invoices should be submitted.

This service is free for you to use for and offers a number of benefits, including:

  • It removes the need for you to print and post invoices, eliminating associated costs
  • It provides automatic invoice receipt
  • It allows you to view and track the status of your invoices in the payment process
  • It allows prompt processing of your invoices for payment