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For planning applications for houses, extensions, shops and industrial buildings please search on the relevant District and Borough council website.

You can print maps for planning applications in Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies and Welwyn Garden City Central Library and Information Service.


The County Council deals with minerals (mostly sand and gravel quarries) and waste, together with building for its own service development.  The service development includes schools, fire stations, and new roads such as bypasses. 

To find a planning application for minerals, waste and county council sites (please use the 'keywords' field, leaving the other fields blank).

Energy Recovery Facility, Rattys Lane, Hoddesdon

We are currently consulting on a proposed application by Veolia Environmental Services Ltd for:  Proposed demolition of existing buildings and structures associated with existing rail aggregates use and construction and operation of an Energy Recovery Facility for the treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes; importation, storage and transfer of local authority collected healthcare waste together with ancillary infrastructure including administration/visitor centre; incinerator bottom ash storage shed; grid connection compound; car, HGV, bus and visitor parking areas; rail sidings improvements; weighbridges and weighbridge office; 2 portacabin offices; sprinkler tank and pump room; drainage connection to River Lee; security fencing; landscape and highway improvements to Rattys Lane at 2, Rattys Lane, Hoddesdon, EN11 0RF.

Those who wish to view the application documents please view Here. Representations will be accepted until Friday 31st March 2017.

Minerals and waste planning policy

We are required to prepare Waste and Minerals Planning Documents for the county. These set planning policies for mineral extraction and waste management in the county. They also identify potentially suitable sites for facilities. This is a separate function to the county council's responsibility as waste disposal authority, where contracts are arranged for the disposal of Local Authority Collected Waste.

Planning policy documents relating to minerals planning and waste planning can be found using the 'Planning in Hertfordshire' link on this page.  Minerals development in Hertfordshire is mostly about sand and gravel quarries although a few chalk quarries and one clay quarry also operate/work. 

Waste development can include landfills, waste recycling, bulking and transfer stations, anaerobic digesters and energy from waste plants.

Planning permission is required for development, meaning both new buildings, additions to buildings, quarries and landfills and what use a building may be put to.

Transport planning

The planning department develops policies for transport in Hertfordshire and produces a Local Transport Plan setting strategic objectives for the county?s transport system.  We also ensure that these policies and objectives are reflected in district councils' Local Development Frameworks/Local Plans.

Planning advice provided to Local Planning Authorities

The county council provides advice to Local Planning Authorities on the scale, location and quality of development in the county and any potential highway and environmental impacts of planning applications they are determining. The county council also has input into the Local Plans developed by District/Borough Councils.

Land searches

Land searches related to minerals and waste records are carried out by the spatial planning unit.  Enquiries about details of minerals or waste operations (quarries, waste facilities, landfill or contaminated land in relation to these operations) on or adjoining properties or parcels of land should be directed to:-

Responses will be provided detailing any mineral and/or waste planning records held by the unit.  The county council has a separate land charges unit.

The district/borough councils and the Environment Agency deal with other contaminated land enquiries.