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Gully Drains

What is a drainage gully?
A gully drain is a large pot covered by a metal grid and is usually found at the edge of a road but they can also be found in pedestrian areas. It is used to collect and drain water off the paved surface into a piped system or roadside ditch.
The majority of gullies are connected to public sewers that carry both foul and surface water. These sewers are owned and maintained by Thames Water Utilities Limited.

Who is responsible for cleaning gullies?
Hertfordshire County Council are responsible for the maintenance of some 180,000 gully drains on the publicly maintained highway. Gully drains on private roads, parking areas, or land are the responsibility of the land owner.
Any enquiries relating to sewage problems should be directed to the relevant water authority.

Gully Cleaning Service.
We do not clean blocked gullies on a request basis unless it is part of the response to flooding on the highway.
During an 18 month cleaning cycle, gullies will be monitored to determine an appropriate cleaning frequency for each gully based on observed silt levels, among other factors including information from customers and inspector reports. This will then be used to develop a cleaning program to replace the 18 month cycle with frequencies that more closely match what gullies require to maintain operations.

Gully Cleaning Summary Programme for 2015 - 2017. Due to policy changes, the Gully Cleansing Summary Programme is subject to change at any point.

If you are unsure of your ward please follow this link to identify your County Councillor and ward.