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Gritting routes and salting roads in Hertfordshire

Our winter roads service runs 1st October to 30th April.  Road gritting, also known as salting, is carried out by a fleet of 58 gritter lorries. We are on 24 hour standby during this period.

Get live gritting updates throughout the winter from our Highways Twitter page 

Gritting /Salting routes 
View latest salting decisions to see which roads are going to be gritted today.

When icy weather or snow is forecast, we grit major roads in Hertfordshire, as required.  These are known as our primary routes and include: 
● A and B roads but not motorways
● Major bus routes
● One road in and out of each village
After prolonged periods of serious icy weather or after snow and once all of the primary routes have been cleared we may have the facilities to grit the secondary routes. These include: 
● Steep roads in urban / residential areas
● Rural roads with poor drainage
View primary (red) and secondary (blue) gritting routes - Salting / Gritting Map.
In addition to the routes shown on the above map we are also gritting these roads as primary routes for 2016/17 only. All routes will be reviewed for 2017/18.

Take care when driving in icy and snowy weather. GOV.UK has guidance on driving in severe weather.

Salt bins in Hertfordshire 

Snow ploughs are used to clear roads during heavy snowfall - we start on primary routes before moving to secondary routes, when resource and salt supplies allow.  Local farmers and other contractors are also on call to help when needed.

When salt supplies and resources allow, district and borough councils help to clear well-used paths and pavements when they become covered with snow.

Information on how best to clear snow and ice  on roads and footpaths, prepare and cope with winter weather and lean about the risks of driving through fords and floods.

Short webcasts for your information on our winter service are available here Getting to grips with winter and Getting ready to drive in winter.

Winter Service Operational Plan 2016/2017