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Signs on the highway

Signs on the highway

Road signs
The purpose of traffic signs are to direct, inform, warn and protect road users in the interests of road safety and mobility and are important to all users including cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.  These signs are placed under statutory powers granted to the Highway Authority and regulations are in place in relation to the type and positioning of these signs.

If you would like to apply for permission for signs to your facility or attraction, please read the guidance below to assess whether you meet the required criteria.  If you meet the criteria, please complete the application form underneath.

Temporary signs for events or developments
Temporary signing for major events such as Craft Fairs and Music Concerts may be permitted, provided the venue does not have permanent direction or tourism signs, and the event will attract at least 250 vehicles per day from outside the local area and provide adequate parking off the Public Highway.

Temporary signing for a new development maybe permitted provided it consists of at least 30 bedrooms

Unauthorised signs
It is illegal to put any sign, poster or advertising boards on the highway which have not been authorised by us. Hertfordshire County Council have a policy to remove unauthorised signs from the roadside in accordance with Section 132 of the Highways Act. We will do so if they are considered to be a potential hazard to highway users, a hazardous distraction or are obstructing the highway or visibility.  The Highway Authority has powers under the Highways Act 1980 to prosecute offenders.

Street name plates
Street name plates are provided by and looked after by your local district council. Use the link here to check which district council relates to you.

Non-highway signs
Non-Highway related signs may be placed on the highway under licence or by agreement, but you will need to apply to us for such consent.

Signing and guidance information This includes Tourist, Temporary signs for events and developers, Unauthorised signs, Non-highway signs and roadmarkings.

To make an application please complete the Permanent Directional and Tourist Signs Application Form

More information regarding what signs are permitted can be found by following the link below:-

Road Signs on other roads
Highways England are responsible for signs on the Motorway Network and Trunk Roads. Should you be concerned about signs on their network please contact them at: