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My teen brain

Advice and tips for parents of teenagers

Understanding your teen

  • Changes in hormones cause mood swings and affect sleep.
  • Teens want more independence so they're pushing boundaries.
  • Brain development is a reason teenagers take risks.

Teach your teen

  • Don't be too hard on them if they make a mistake - no one's perfect.
  • Make sure they learn as much as possible from their mistakes.
  • Use your own past experiences to help your teen overcome challenges.

Helping your teen through change

Helping your teen through change

  • Behaviour will not always be consistent or sensible. Bear this in mind when talking to your teen.
  • Remember that lots of changes are taking place that we can't always see.
  • Your support is vital in these intense years of brain development.

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Supporting your teen

Supporting your teen

  • We all handle situations differently. Always explain to your teen why you do the things you do.
  • Set rules and consequences for your teen but explain why you are doing it.
  • Don't forget time for yourself. It's just as important that you are stress free as well as your teen.

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Understanding your teen's decisions

Understanding your teen's decisions

  • Listen to what they have to say and they will be open to listen to you.
  • Making decisions is a learning process. Support your teen in the decisions they make.
  • Get to know your teen's friends, they can be just as important as you in supporting your child.

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Help for you and your teen

  • YoungMinds are a leading charity focused on improving the mental health of teenagers.
  • Gives support and guidance to young people.
  • Provides tips and advice for concerned parents.

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My teen brain - helpful resources

  • We offer one-day courses for professionals.
  • Delivery pack for a My Teen Brain lesson in schools
  • You can download our teen brain booklet, poster and leaflet.

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Shelf help - support and advice for you and your teen

  • We have a collection of books to help teens cope with the pressures of life.
  • You'll be able to find information and advice as well as personal stories.
  • These books cover a range of issues such as dealing with anxiety, depression and stress.

Support books for you and your teen

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