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Performance Tables - How we measure schools' performance

Performance tables play a key role in the education system. They allow authorities to compare standards and set targets while at the same time give an indication to pupils and parents of the level of performance.

Some of the most important assessments for pupils are Key Stage 2, GCSE and A-level.

For more information about Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 performance tables, and to view current and past results for particular schools, follow the Department for Education (DfE) link on this page and then click on the link to school and college performance tables or call 0370 000 2288.

Key Stage 2 Performance Tables (also known as Achievement and Attainment Tables)

Key Stage 2 performance tables show the relative performance of pupils and schools in compulsory examinations. At the end of Key stage 2 pupils are tested in English, mathematics and science.

GCSE / A Level Performance Tables (also known as Achievement and Attainment Tables)

Hertfordshire has some of the best facilities for education in the UK. We have a proud record of achievement recognised by Ofsted, the independent body which assesses the quality of education which schools offer.

The examination results for A-Level and GCSEs are usually available in schools in mid August. The national performance tables themselves are published on the main DfE website .

Performance tables will not tell you everything about a school. You will learn most about a school by visiting it, talking to the staff and seeing at first hand the ways in which the pupils work. Parents of prospective pupils will be invited to attend open evenings, details of which can be found on our admissions section.

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