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School meals

Hertfordshire prides itself on school meals that adhere to strict food and nutritional standards laid down by the Government.

School Meals

The majority of school meals in Hertfordshire are provided by Hertfordshire Catering Limited (HCL).

Please visit to download your school's menu, to contact HCL about its service or any issue relating to school catering , or to check out the latest employment opportunities.

School meal prices are set by individual schools and more information regarding these can be obtained directly from each school. 

School Milk

School milk is available to children in infant classes and in some special schools. You will need to pay for the milk in advance for the whole term, for prices please contact your school.

Nursery children receive free milk but if your child's fifth birthday falls during the term then they will not qualify for free milk from that term onwards. 

European regulations state that only cows' milk can be given (full fat is recommended, rather than semi-skimmed or skimmed milk). Soya milk, goat’s milk or other alternatives cannot be given without removing the EU subsidy, which pays for all school milk