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Hertfordshire County Council

Love Your Bump

We know trying to give up smoking can be difficult, even when you know it's the right thing to do for your baby. We can help.


Go smoke free

The Smoke Free Service offer pregnant women and birthing people at least 12-weeks of free support with a pregnancy specialist.

If you complete the full programme and stop smoking, you could be entitled to up to £300 of shopping vouchers.

Help includes medication and/or an e-cigarette (which is suitable for use while pregnant), plus expert behavioural support to tackle the habit long-term.



Get in touch with a specialist at the Smoke Free Service to join the 12-week programme.

Please select your Maternity unit from the survey, or sign up for a family quit with your partner or up to 2 significant support people in your life

Smoke Free Pregnancy Service


Parent or Grandparent to be?

Contact Hertfordshire's Stop Smoking Service for free, non-judgemental advice and support.

Our advisors will ensure that friends and family of pregnant people receive the right support to stop smoking and quit for good.


Visit the Stop Smoking Service 


We're partnered with East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, West Hertfordshire Hospitals and The Princess Alexandra Harlow Hospital.


The moment you stop, both you and your baby will start to feel the benefits.



For you

You're more likely to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, with a reduced risk of stillbirth.

You'll save money. The average smoker saves around £150 a month by quitting – that's nearly £2,000 a year.

You'll start to feel fitter and have healthier skin and teeth.

Dear Mummy, when you smoke, I smoke too. Please stop. Love Bump.


For your baby

Cope better with any birth complications.

Less likely to have problems like asthma, learning difficulties or diabetes.

Less likely to develop infections or problems during or after labour.

Our Stop Smoking advisors can tell you about the options available.



E-cigarettes and Vaping

During your pregnancy you'll be supported to use an e-cigarette as an aid to quit, if you choose one.

E-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco and vaping is preferable, according to Office for Health Improvement and Disparities UK.

Risks to your unborn child from exposure to e-cigarette ingredients are not fully known yet, but studies are taking place to provide more information.

Dear Daddy, when you smoke near mummy, I smoke too. Please stop. Love Bump.


Using gum or patches when pregnant
There are several safe and effective products you and your partner can get for free. Contact the Stop Smoking Service for more information.

Cutting down isn't enough
Each cigarette or roll up contains around 4,700 chemicals. As soon as you quit, you'll be reducing the damaging effects smoking has on your baby.

I know people who smoked during pregnancy and had a healthy baby
All pregnancies are different, but you can ensure your baby has the best start in life by kicking the habit.

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