The Register of Applications lists applications made to change the Definitive Map and Statement.  


This does not include applications before the Register was produced in December 2005. 

Applications can be:

  • To amend our records to show rights of way not currently recorded (known as modification order applications), or

  • To change the routes of rights of way already recorded (known as public path order applications)

Each application is listed by parish, followed by its file reference.  Included with each copy of the application is a plan to show the line of the route, with basic details of the application. A paper version is available at County Hall, Hertford.

Additional information held with the 'A-Z of applications'

Where an application is being processed, the following information relating to the latest stage reached in the process will be available with the application.

This could be the investigation report, decision report or orders and notices. This information will be changed and documents replaced as each application reaches the next stage of the process.  

The Stages

  • Consultation Stage "MOD" - copy of the Investigation Report "DIV", "EXT" or "CRE" -  copy of the Site Notice with plan informing people of the consultation.

  • Decision Stage Copy of the report showing the decision made (the decision will be either to make, or not to make an order).  For "MOD" cases only, where the applicant appeals to the Secretary of State against our decision not to make a modification order, the appeal decision will be available on the Planning Inspectorate's (PINS) website.

  • Order Stage Copy of Order (including plan) and Notice advertising this.

  • Statement of Case Stage (if required) Orders that are subject to objections that cannot be confirmed by the county council can be submitted to PINS for confirmation. The county council's 'Statement of Case' details the reasons for requesting confirmation of an order.  More information about the process and timetable will be available from PINS at:

  • Confirmed Order Stage Copy of the Order (including plan) marked as confirmed and the Notice advertising this.

Applications under investigation

This is a list of cases being investigated by Hertfordshire County Council.  It is divided up into stages to show where the application has reached in the process. These pages are updated frequently, when there are changes to any of the listed cases.