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Hertfordshire County Council


Latest gritting updates

Our gritting routes - how we prioritise

When icy weather or snow is forecast, we grit roads in a priority order.

Primary routes ("precautionary")

These are labelled as red "precautionary" routes on our map. We grit these during typical icy weather. Primary routes include:

Priority 1:

  • A and B Roads
  • Routes to hospitals, GP surgeries and urgent care centres, plus designated emergency service routes
  • Train stations (in-county and on boundaries), airports (near boundaries) and transport interchanges.

Priority 2a:

  • Bus routes, including school bus routes (not including minibuses)
  • 1 road into each village of 50 houses or more
  • Roads linking rural communities or key infrastructures and industrial areas.

Priority 2b:

  • Roads with a gradient (steepness) of 10% and over (where recorded)
  • Libraries, community centres, care homes, key pharmacies, critical utility infrastructure
  • Off-road paved cycle paths. All where practical and accessible.

Secondary routes ("post-salting")

These are labelled as blue "post-salting" routes on our map. We may grit these routes during periods of sustained ice or snow.


What happens if the weather gets worse

During heavy snowfall, we may use snow ploughs to clear roads in priority order.

In periods of prolonged severe weather, district and borough councils may help us to clear town centres and main pavements.


Our Winter Service Operational Plan 2023-24 (PDF, 908KB) details how we maintain the roads in Hertfordshire during winter.

We're working to make this document as accessible as possible to everyone. If you need any information from this document in a different format, email

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