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Hertfordshire County Council

What is the definitive map?

The definitive map, together with the definitive statements, is a legal record of public rights of way in Hertfordshire.

It's based on information which was correct in December 2015, plus confirmed orders made since.

Geographic Information System (GIS) map and data

This map is based on the definitive map.

Download the data from this map

This map is just a representation of the definitive map. The definitive map itself is not available online. If you'd like to consult the definitive map, please contact us.


Google map

For recreational purposes, like walking or riding, use our Google map on your smartphone and follow your position as you go.

If you use the Google Maps app:

  • You need to be signed into a Google account to view the map.
  • It'll automatically be added to your saved maps.
  • You might need to refresh the map occasionally, use the link on this page to see the latest version.

How to use it:

  • Use the map's legend to see what 'status' each colour on the map represents.
  • To follow your location on the map, make sure your GPS location is enabled.


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