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Hertfordshire County Council

We're a partnership working with organisations to make sure adults at risk are cared for somewhere free from abuse and harassment, in their daily lives.

Do you have a safeguarding concern about an adult?

  • Call 0300 123 4042 (24 hours a day)


This is the guidance all organisations who work with adults at risk must follow.

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Our procedure for professionals 

It's vital that all agencies have clear policies and procedures so they can work together to safeguard adults from abuse.

Please note: Policy is currently under review

This procedure must be followed by all organisations and staff working with adults at risk in Hertfordshire, including managers, professionals, volunteers and staff working in public, voluntary and private sector organisations.

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Mental capacity

Safety and improvement process

HSAB practice guidance

Safeguarding adults and partnership case reviews

Safeguarding adult reviews are commissioned by HSAB to review the involvement of agencies and professionals associated with an adult at risk.

Safeguarding adult reviews can take place when:

  • an adult in Hertfordshire dies of abuse or neglect, whether known or suspected and there is concern that partner agencies could have worked more effectively to protect the adult.
  • an adult in Hertfordshire has not died, but the Board knows or suspects that the adult has experienced serious abuse or neglect.
  • the Board feels it would be useful, including learning from 'near misses' and situations where the arrangements worked especially well.

Safeguarding Adults Review Framework

Safeguarding Adults Review - Guidance for Staff (PDF 142KB)

Privacy Statement SARs 2018 (PDF 160KB)

Safeguarding Adults Reviews - Toolkit (PDF 636KB) Opening a new windowOpening a new window

Statement on Publication of Serious Adult Reviews (PDF 76KB) Opening a new window Opening a new window

Decision making flowchart – serious case reviews, safeguarding adult reviews and domestic homicide reviews (PDF 630KB)

Performance management framework (PDF 694KB)

SAR Referal form for Professionals Aug 2023 (DOC 59.6KB)

HSAB Complaints Policy (DOC 203KB)

National SAR Library

Safeguarding Adults Reviews



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Partnership Case Reviews

Ms M

James L

Adults at risk of going missing

If you are supporting an adult who may be at risk of going missing because of their care and support needs consider the Herbert Protocol available at the Hertfordshire Constabulary website.

Care staff, family and friends or the person themselves can fill out the Herbert Protocol   to provide information which will assist the police in their search should the person go missing.  Seek consent from the person or their family before completing the form. 

Information for Friends and Family 



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