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Hertfordshire County Council

Identify risks to your business

Use your local knowledge to identify specific risks, such as local roads that often flood or what time of year power outages tend to occur.

Risks affecting Hertfordshire

  • Infectious outbreaks and diseases.
  • Prolonged extremes of temperature.
  • Industrial accidents.
  • Major road traffic disruption.
  • Flooding.
  • Infrastructure and utility failure.

Write a business continuity plan

Plans don't have to be complicated, especially for small organisations. A basic report should include:

  • key processes and how it would impact the business if they failed
  • threats to your processes and whether these can be prevented or reduced
  • actions to make sure key processes aren't interrupted, as well as specific responsibilities for staff and any critical reference points (for example, where you keep your back-up records).

Comply with fire safety regulations

GOV.UK fire safety in the workplace explains:

  • who's responsible for fire safety in business premises
  • how to carry out a fire risk assessment
  • how to create a fire safety and evacuation plan
  • fire safety equipment, drills and training
  • penalties for non-compliance.

Email the Fire Protection Office for more advice.

Phone: 01707 292310

Fire Protection Department
Mundells (post point MU103)
Welwyn Garden City