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Look what you're missing - foster a teenager




Is fostering a teen right for me?


To be a foster carer for teenagers, you might:

  • have experience of being around teenagers through your job
  • have brought up your own children through their teens
  • simply have a passion for helping to support teenagers who need the love of a family.


As a foster carer, you can:

  • continue to work, depending on the type of fostering you want to do and the children's needs
  • apply to foster whatever your cultural, ethnic, religious background or sexuality
  • be any age over 21, as long as you're in good general health.


Foster carers come from a variety of backgrounds and have different life experiences, skills and qualities to meet the diverse needs of children in care.


Meet some of our foster carers

Fostering is unbelievably rewarding. But don't take our word for it...

What you get as a foster carer


Training and support

  • You'll get specialised training to foster teenagers.
  • We'll be there to guide you through every step of the fostering process, from preparation training to get you started to ongoing development.
  • We offer 24/7 local support. If you need us, we're here.
  • You'll have a dedicated social worker, providing regular monthly supervision.
  • You'll also have an experienced foster carer buddy who'll offer additional support.


Pay and allowances

As a foster carer, you’ll get a weekly payment, plus a weekly allowance of up to £446 for each child you look after.

To help cover the costs of looking after a child, you'll also get:

  • a generous mileage allowance
  • a setting-up fee for furniture and equipment
  • 2 weeks additional summer payments
  • holiday and birthday allowance
  • initial clothing and school uniform allowance
  • festivities allowance
  • discounts online and in high street stores through Herts Rewards.




Get in touch

Interested? Complete our contact form and we'll be in touch for an informal chat.


Teenage boy smiling
“I’m so grateful that someone took me in and made me feel part of the family. I was brought up by an amazing woman who I owe everything to now”

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