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Hertfordshire County Council

Report a street light or pothole

You can also tell us about overgrown hedges, floods or other problems on the road or pavement..

Every fault that's reported to us gets a reference number. You can use this to check progress. You can also search faults in your area. If a fault has already been reported, there's no need to report it again.

What you can report

You can report issues with your road or pavement, including:

  • potholes
  • street lights
  • traffic lights.

If it's an emergency and could cause injury, call 999.

You need to report some faults to your district or borough council:

How we prioritise repairs

We can't guarantee all the faults you report will get repaired. We prioritise repairs based on:

  • whether the fault is a safety hazard (as determined by our inspection manual)
  • the type of road
  • budget availability
  • any upcoming work we've got planned in the same area.

Timescales for road repairs


Upgrading our streetlights

We're upgrading our street lights to LED (light emitting diode) lights between autumn 2015 and spring 2020.

By changing our street lights to LEDs they'll:

  • use much less energy which is better for the environment
  • be connected to a central management system. So we can easily find out if there's a faulty light.