Roadworks and road closures

We carry out roadworks to improve or fix the road.

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Roadworks text messaging service

We’re beginning to use text messages to keep residents informed about roadworks happening on their road.

We'll give residents a text sign up code when we inform them about upcoming roadworks on their street.

Texts will be sent to inform customers of:

  • the start date of the roadworks
  • key messages, for example “Ensure your car is moved from the street before 7am tomorrow”
  • any delays to start and finish dates (with estimated new dates)
  • any changes to working hours, for example “Due to bad weather today, we’ll be finishing an hour later than advertised"
  • follow up works (if needed) which require the road to be closed again, for example “We need to return to lay road markings on 23 Nov”


Conditions and rules for the trial

1. After signing up by sending a text to 60777 with the code you’ve been given for the project on your street, you’ll only be contacted with messages for the above listed reasons.

2. The initial text you send to 60777 will cost you your standard network rate, after which there will be no further cost to you.

3. You'll only receive text(s) for the reasons set out above.

4. You can stop text messages by texting STOP to 60777. No further texts will be sent to you.

5. You can’t text 60777 to communicate general highways issues to us. You can contact us online.

6. On completion of the project, we’ll text you a survey for your feedback about the text service.

7. After we send you the survey, we’ll delete your mobile phone number from our database. We won’t text you about these roadworks any further.


Roadworks near you

How will roadworks affect me?

If roadworks cause a road closure access to your home may be limited. If you need to get back to your home, speak to one of the on-site engineers.

When there are planned works, we will:

  • put up warning signs 2 weeks in advance showing the dates the works will take place (they won't always last the full duration)
  • update so you can get the latest news easily
  • advise bus companies if their route is affected. Details of any changes will be on the bus stop and Intalink.

If your car is parked on the road we're doing works on it may be moved. We will always notify the local police of the relocation details.