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Hertfordshire County Council

Nursery schools and classes

When your child starts at nursery

We split nursery start dates depending on when your child was born:

  • Born 1 Sept 2013 – 28 Feb 2014: start September 2017.
  • Born 1 March 2014 – 31 Aug 2014: start January 2018.

However, some nursery schools and classes operate a different intake system. It's worth contacting them direct to confirm their intake policy. Find maintained nursery contact details.

Looking for a nursery place to start now?

If your child was born between 1 September 201231 August 2013 and you're still looking for a nursery school place to start now, contact the nursery school direct.

How places will be offered

All nursery schools and classes allocate places in accordance with their published admission arrangements.


Contact the nursery direct if you:

  • need to provide additional information for your application
  • move address after submitting your application
  • have submitted a late application and want to find out when it will be considered
  • want to discuss the waiting list