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Hertfordshire County Council

Funding our budget

We have cut our total spending but our government grant has been cut by almost half, from £80 million to £44 million.

Separately from the adult social care precept, we are increasing the core element of our Council Tax by 1.99% in order to balance our books.


Where we spend your money

Each household in Hertfordshire will receive a Council Tax bill from their district or borough council.

The money raised through Council Tax is shared between the following authorities, which provide a range of services.

Hertfordshire County Council

  • Caring and supporting children, young people and families
  • caring for the elderly and vulnerable and people with disabilities, mental health, drugs or alcohol problems
  • Fire and Rescue Service
  • road maintenance and safety
  • co-ordinating bus services and providing home to school transport for children
  • recycling and waste disposal
  • responding to major planning applications – for example, housing and mineral extraction
  • economic development
  • providing libraries, archives and local studies material
  • protecting consumers against poor quality goods and services and upholding fair trading laws
  • community safety (crime / anti-social behaviour reduction initiatives) and emergency planning.

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Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

  • Policing and crime prevention.

District and Borough council services

  • Housing and homelessness
  • refuse collection and street cleansing services
  • Environmental health
  • leisure services
  • planning and building control
  • car parks and controlled parking zones.

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Town and Parish councils

  • Allotments
  • village halls
  • cemeteries and closed churchyards.

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Here's where we spend the portion the county council receives:

where we spend the portion the county council receives
 Children's Services: £294.74
 Roads and Waste: £172.26
 Adult Care: £560.53
 Libraries and other community services: £27.45
 Financing and support for front line services: £55.25
 Fire and Community Protection: £58.40
 Public Health: £74.38
 Registrars and Coroner: £2.82

Graphic showing how we spend your council tax. Figures based on Band D households bill for 2017/18 – £1,245.83.

Figures are based on Band D households bill for 2017/18 – £1,245.83.


More detail – Council Tax and budget

Take a look at the Council Tax and budget 2017/18 information (PDF).

View the Integrated Plan 2017/18.

Contact us if you have any questions.