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Hertfordshire County Council

Contact your district or borough council for help with:

  • registering for Council Tax
  • billing enquiries and payments
  • Council Tax benefits, discounts and exemptions
  • changing address
  • appeals (including appeals against banding and / or payment)
  • valuation information.



The county council's element of Council Tax

We spend more than £1 billion every year to deliver over 500 council services, which benefit every resident, business and community in Hertfordshire. 

On 21 February 2023, Hertfordshire's county councillors agreed our budget for 2023/24.

This year, we've raised our element of your Council Tax bill by 4.99% (2% for the adult social care precept and 2.99% for general Council Tax).

This increase is essential to meet the challenges we're facing.

The county council element of Council Tax for band D households:

  • Yearly bill for 2022/23 was £1,529.31.
  • Council Tax increase: £45.73.
  • Adult social care precept increase: £30.59.
  • Yearly bill for 2023/24: £1,605.63.

Our Council Tax increase works out to be just under £1.50 extra a week for the average household, which will be invested into vital services.


£443m caring for adults

Your money helps us provide essential care services to over 30,000 adults every year.

We’ve assisted over 14,000 residents to leave hospital this year and we’ve invested over £38 million to improve care workers pay.

This investment allows 9,500 residents stay safe and independent at home for longer.



£89m on community services for every stage of life

Our libraries continue to see an increase in visitors, who borrow around 5 million items each year.

We register 18,000 births and deaths annually and run important statutory and legal services for our 1.2 million residents.

We also support the building and maintenance of care homes, schools, bridges and roads.



£63m supporting frontline services

Our support teams are responsible for the county council’s processes and the smooth running of our 500 services.

They also ensure that tax payers' money is transparently accounted for.

£58m towards a cleaner and greener county

We fund the treatment of 534,000 tonnes of waste each year – more than half is recycled.

We maintain over 2,000 miles of footpaths, bridleways and byways, and improve over 50 green spaces, rivers and woodlands.

We’re also helping to plant 1.8 million trees and working to make our operations carbon neutral by 2030.

£52m towards a healthy Hertfordshire 

Our services help people to make healthy choices and lifestyle changes, reducing their risk of long-term illness and helping them to live a long life.

From checking the weight and development of every child born in the county, to working with over 600 schools to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as Strep A.

£43m protecting our communities

We provide a fire and rescue service that responds to 10,000 emergency calls each year.

Our Trading Standards team deals with around 7,000 complaints about dodgy dealers, counterfeit products and scams annually.

Where we spend your money

Each household in Hertfordshire will receive a Council Tax bill from their district or borough council.

The money raised through Council Tax is shared between the following authorities, which provide a range of services.

Hertfordshire County Council

  • Caring and supporting children, young people and families
  • caring for the elderly and vulnerable and people with disabilities and mental health problems
  • public health and supporting people with drug or alcohol problems
  • Fire and Rescue Service
  • road maintenance and safety
  • coordinating bus services and providing home to school transport for children
  • recycling and waste disposal
  • responding to major planning applications – for example, housing and mineral extraction
  • economic development
  • providing libraries, archives and local studies material
  • protecting consumers against poor quality goods and services and upholding fair trading laws
  • community safety (crime / anti-social behaviour reduction initiatives) and emergency planning.

More about Hertfordshire County Council services

Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

  • Policing and crime prevention.

District and Borough council services

  • Housing and homelessness
  • refuse collection and street cleansing services
  • environmental health
  • leisure services
  • planning and building control
  • car parks and controlled parking zones.

More about district and borough services

Town and Parish councils

  • Allotments
  • village halls
  • cemeteries and closed churchyards.

More about town and parish council services


Council Tax leaflet 2023-24 (PDF, 188KB)

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