Members locality budget

Each councillor gets a budget to spend on projects in their area.

How your councillor can help

Each councillor gets £5,000 a year to spend on local projects that promote the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of their local area.

Grants can be given for anything, as long as it's legal and doesn't go against a county council policy.

Councillors have given grants before for:

  • Non-profit community events
  • crime prevention
  • health
  • education.

If your organisation or community group would like to ask for a grant, you must get in touch with your local councillor and get their agreement before you apply.


Find my local county councillor


If your suggestion covers more than one division you can approach all of the relevant councillors. You only need to make one application for each project.

Making an application

Once you've contacted your county councillor, you can apply for a grant online.

Check the progress of your application

When your councillor has received your application they will recommend whether a grant should be awarded. You'll be informed if your request has been successful by email.

  • Grants can only be paid to an organisation - either a limited company, a registered charity, an organisation with a recognised legal status or an unincorporated association with its own bank account
  • Individuals can request a grant, but payments must be paid through an organisation
  • There's no limit to the grant you can request, up to the £5,000 each member is given
  • If you're awarded a grant, we'll ask you to keep receipts and invoices which show how it was spent. We'll also ask you to produce a brief evaluation of your project.


Need more information?

If you have any queries about the scheme, please contact:

  • John Birch - - 01992 555602. Please note that it is taking slightly longer to answer calls during the Coronavirus pandemic, so please be patient.