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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire Nature Recovery Partnership



About our local nature recovery strategy

The Hertfordshire Nature Recovery Partnership (HNRP) has been established to collaboratively develop Hertfordshire’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS).

This strategy will:

  • map areas of habitat across Hertfordshire
  • agree on local biodiversity priorities
  • identify where practical action would be most beneficial to create, enhance or recover habitat.

The creation of green corridors is an example of practical action. They not only boost biodiversity but also improve air and water quality, mitigate flooding and climate change, and improve the wellbeing of Hertfordshire residents by increasing access to green spaces.

Visit to find out what the LNRS must include.



Next steps

January 2024 - a project timeline, an engagement plan and details on how to get involved in LNRS will be published here.

July 2024 - the HNRP will engage with a wide range of organisations that have an interest in nature conservation, including anyone responsible for sites that could be used to support nature recovery. 

October 2025 - expected Local Nature Recovery Strategy publication date.

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Latest updates

A group discussing ideas around a table with nature recovery strategy worksheets.October 2023
The HNRP steering group had its first meeting on 11 October. The group discussed opportunities and challenges for the LNRS, identified potential stakeholders, and agreed to meet regularly to keep the project moving forward.

Currently, the steering group is working on an engagement plan and timeline, which will be finalised by January 2024. They are also gathering data for the LNRS mapping.

The HNRP Board will have its first meeting in November.


June 2023 - Hertfordshire County Council has been appointed by Defra Secretary of State as the Responsible Authority for the Hertfordshire Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS). A Hertfordshire Nature Recovery Partnership (HNRP) is being formed to create the county’s first LNRS by 2025.






Our partnership

Our partnership is formed of two integral groups; the steering group, responsible for actively driving the implementation of the LNRS, and the board which provides oversight and strategic guidance to the steering group.

Councillor Eric Buckmaster chairs the partnership, which is formed of partners across public, private and voluntary sectors, including:

  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • The Environment Agency
  • Natural England
  • Forestry Commission
  • The Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
  • Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre
  • Rural Land Management Advisory Group
  • Hertfordshire Sustainability Officer Group
  • Hertfordshire Planning Group
  • Hertfordshire Infrastructure & Development Board
  • Hertfordshire Association of Parish and Town Councils
  • Lea and Colne River Catchment Partnerships
  • Public Health (Hertfordshire County Council)
  • Hertfordshire Climate Change Sustainability Partnership
  • Hertfordshire Growth Board
  • Hertfordshire Infrastructure & Planning Partnership




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