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Hertfordshire County Council

There is lots of help and support available to help those living with dementia stay in their own home and carry on living their life.


Know someone who’s becoming forgetful?

Memory problems can be caused by a number of health problems, not just dementia.

If you're worried, it's best to get the person you know to go see their local GP who will be able to reassure them or give them the diagnosis they need.

If you have a diagnosis of dementia you will be given information about what will happen next.  This booklet explains more.

Worried they might go missing? Fill in this form so all the information is ready to help Hertfordshire Police if the person goes missing. You don’t have to answer every question if you don’t want to.


Get help from us

We can provide support at home by helping with things like personal care, medication and preparing meals. There are also a range of monitors and alarms that could help with monitoring things like the bath overflowing, if there is a fire or even if someone leaves the house at unusual times. 

We can have a chat with you about your needs and your day-to-day life.  We can then agree what help and support would be best for you.

We call this an assessment.


Are you caring for someone and need support yourself?


Other services who can help

for reliable medical information about dementia, guidance on living with dementia and sources of care and support.

services are funded by Hertfordshire County Council. They offer:

  • a countywide network of groups and clubs for people with memory loss or dementia and carers
  • one to one support as appropriate
  • referral to dementia advisors or specialist Admiral Nurses when needed

Age UK Hertfordshire
information and support including a support phone line and face to face advice.

Alzheimer’s Society
advisor service offers information on all aspects of living with dementia.


Not sure what you need?

HertsHelp logo

Contact Herts Help, an independent advice service that can help find the right service for you.


Memory tools

Hertfordshire Libraries 'Reminiscence Collection' Free to borrow memory boxes and other items which can help with remembering and become a shared experience.  The collection includes books, DVDs, CDs, board games, flashcards, jigsaws and memory boxes.

Logo - Playlist for LifePlaylist for Life is a music and dementia charity that can help you build a personal playlist for someone who is living with dementia. If you'd like any help building your playlist, there are Playlist for Life help points at most Hertfordshire Libraries. Listening to a personal playlist can reduce anxiety, improve mood and evoke memories to help families and carers connect.

Health and wellbeing apps including dementia support.

Age UK lifebookLifebook from Age UK is a free booklet for you to note important and useful information.


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