Support for adults with autism

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Social distancing, isolation and the sensory challenges of increased hygiene rules can have a big impact for people on the autism spectrum.

Although services are not being delivered as normal, organisations can still help you look after your mental health and wellbeing online and over the phone.

Autism and mental health leaflet (PDF 160KB)

If you need help in a crisis:

About Autism (including Aspergers)

Autism is a developmental condition that can make social interaction and communication difficult, with repetitive or rigid behaviours.

People with autism may also have sensory difficulties which means that they can be over or under sensitive to sight, sound, smell, touch or taste.

Read more about autism (NHS).

Information for children with autism


Get help

Speak to your doctor. A diagnosis can only be made by a trained health professional such as a community paediatrician, psychologist or psychiatrist through history taking, observation or specific assessment tools.

You may also be able to get help from us.

We can give you advice and suggest local groups and organisations who could help you.



Tools to help when you're out and about 

Living with autism can bring challenges in everyday living.  A big challenge can be dealing with people who don’t fully understand the way we communicate.

There are a range of tools that are available to help autistic people to communicate their needs clearly and quickly. 

Autism Alert Card from the National Autistic Society

  • A mini-information pack, designed for adults, for situations when communication may be difficult.
  • Features a key facts leaflet about autism and a credit card style insert for emergency contacts.
  • It costs £5.00 when you register and become a member.

Visit National Autistic Society website 

Autism Anglia Card

  • A free credit card sized card as a way of boosting confidence and giving peace of mind in emergency situations.
  • You'll need to give proof of your diagnosis when applying for the card.

Visit Autism Anglia website

Keep Safe Scheme from Herts Police

  • Backed by Herts Police, a scheme to keep safe and get help in an emergency when out and about in Hertfordshire.
  • Shops, businesses and public services in the scheme agree to support people  by providing them with a place to make a phone call to speak to a parent, support worker or contact the emergency services.
  • This could be for any reason from feeling threatened or being lost, to having witnessed a car accident or any other emergency incident.

Visit Herts Police website


Local organisations

Find local organisations that could offer the help you need.

Local Autism organisations

Services to help you find a job or volunteer role

Free advice line 

You can also get help and advice by contacting an independent free advice service, HertsHelp.

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0300 123 4044

Mon to Fri, 8am - 6pm


Hertfordshire All Age Autism Partnership Board

Hertfordshire All Age Autism Partnership Board wants to improve the support provided to everyone that has autism.