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Hertfordshire County Council

What happens at an assessment

We'll visit you and talk about the things you do at home and outside.

It usually takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours.  But it can take as long as you need to tell us about yourself.

You can have a friend or family member there with you.  Or you can get someone to help you understand what's going on. 

Find out more about what an assessment is like:


The My Assessment booklet might help you plan for your care assessment.

After an assessment

Afterwards we'll work out what we can do to help you.

Whether it's a piece of equipment, a care service, or something bigger – we'll figure out the best thing for you.

We'll contact you to let you know what we can do.  Sometimes we'll make a plan so you know when things will happen.

We'll also tell you if you need to pay towards your care.

Find out who can get help from us.

Carers assessments

If you're an unpaid carer, you can ask us for a carers assessment.  We’ll talk to you about your caring responsibilities and we'll work out what we can do to help.

You can have an assessment on your own, or with the person you care for.

Reviewing your care

We'll regularly look at the care you get from us.  This is to make sure we're giving you the best help we can.

You can tell us how things are going. We call this a "review".

The first review is usually within 6 weeks of your care starting.  After this we'll review your care every year. You can ask for a review at any time though, maybe if something changes.

The review meeting or phone call

Your review might be by phone, or we might come and meet you.

You can have someone with you, like a friend or carer. Or you can get someone to help you understand what's going on.

If your needs have changed, we might change your care plan.


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