Who can get social care help from us

There are 3 things we look at to decide whether you can get care from us.

Usually all 3 things need to apply for us to pay for your care.

  1. You have a mental or physical disability.  That includes hearing and sight loss, learning disabilities and drug and alcohol misuse.

  2. You need help with at least 2 of the following:
    • eating and drinking
    • washing yourself and your clothes
    • using the toilet
    • getting dressed
    • moving around your home safely
    • keeping your home clean and safe, including paying bills
    • staying in contact with family and friends
    • having a job
    • getting out and about, including using public transport
    • caring for any children you're responsible for.

  3. Your health and happiness is affected if you can't do any of these things.


Everyone is different.  We make our decision based on your needs.

To get social care help from us, first we need to ask you some questions about your life.  We call this a care assessment.

Find out more about being eligible for adult social care help:

Even if you can't get help from us, we'll still give you advice on getting services and equipment.  We might also suggest local groups and organisations who could help you.