Brokers – help arranging your care

You can get someone to help you find and arrange your own care services.

A broker can help you to find the right services for you. They can also make arrangements on your behalf.

For example, they can help you find:

  • Things to do and services in your local area
  • Care for you at home, live in care workers or a residential care home
  • Equipment and adaptations like grab rails and stairlifts
  • Home moves including de-cluttering and packing and unpacking
  • Information about legal services such as power of attorney and wills and probate
  • Information about financial services such as care payment plans
  • Supported living and services for people with learning disabilities or autism

Brokers charge a fee.  You can get a quote of how much they'll charge before you go ahead.

If we agree that you can get care from us, we will arrange it for you. A broker is just one option if you want more choice and control, or if we decided that you can't get care from us.

Find a Broker

There is some free access to Mental Health Brokerage from Powher - contact HertsHelp to find out more.

If you would like help to find a broker call HertsHelp - a free advice service.

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