HSCB Business Unit

The HSCB and its sub groups are supported by the HSCB Business Unit, which supports the board in implementing its co-ordinating and monitoring roles, as follows:

  • Monitoring how well statutory agencies are carrying out their responsibility under section 11 of the Children Act 2004 to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, including their safe staffing arrangements

  • Setting up and running a programme of multi-agency safeguarding training

  • Producing and monitoring the implementation of the HSCB inter-agency child protection procedures

  • Undertaking a Serious Case Review (SCR) when a child dies or is harmed, and abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor in the case; the purpose of SCRs is to establish the lessons to be learned from the case and how they will be acted upon, and as a consequence, improve inter-agency safeguarding of children

  • Taking an overview of all child deaths (under 18 years) in the area, identifying any potential contributing themes, circumstances, or possible limitations in service provision by one or more agencies.

HSCB Business Unit Team is based at County Hall.

Mary Moroney - Acting Strategic Board Manager, HSCB and HSAB

01992 556603 | mary.moroney@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Matthew Turmaine - HSCB Business Manager 

01992 555367 | matthew.turmaine@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Angela Coster - HSCB Senior Support Officer (CDOP)

01992 555675 | angela.coster@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Christopher Dancer – HSCB Training Co-ordinator

01992 588079 | christopher.dancer@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Michele Fournier - Senior Support Officer 

01992 588757 | michele.fournier@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Maria Roper - Quality Assurance Senior Support Officer

01992 588914 | maria.roper@hertfordshire.gov.uk