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Hertfordshire County Council

Information for professionals and volunteers

If you're working with or caring for children and young people (for example you're a foster carer, child minder or youth worker) we're responsible in making sure everyone works together and follows safeguarding duties and responsibilities.

Our procedures manual includes what work we do and how the board works.


The Continuum of Need - Threshold document (PDF 464kb) Opening a new window

Hertfordshire multi-agency Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Pathways (PDF 1mb) Opening a new window

Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool – a resource which helps to identify, assess and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours. It uses a 'traffic light tool' to categorise sexual behaviours, to increase understanding of healthy sexual development and distinguish this from harmful behaviour.

Reporting Form for Professionals Regarding Child
Sexual Exploitation (DOCX 50kb) Opening a new window - Refer to this form should a non-urgent response be required or to submit information about Child Sexual Exploitation.

Model Child Protection Policy (PDF 832kb) Opening a new window - for voluntary, community and faith groups in Hertfordshire

Child Neglect leaflet (PDF 426kb) Opening a new window


Including who is on the panel and what they do.

Information on our neglect strategy.

Our procedure on reviewing serious cases.

Resources and campaign material for professionals.

Including what our profile is, who uses it and how to get training.

What it is, how to spot the signs, and advice for young people and parents.

Documents detailing the statement of purpose and function for children's homes.



E-safety issues affect both adults and children. Adults need to watch out for personal data being entered on random web sites, fraudulent email traps and cyberbullying.

Hertfordshire Grid for Learning – e-safety newsletter 2017

Responsibilities of professionals when using the internet

For your own protection it's advised that you follow this advice:

Employment and safe staffing tools

Application forms and risk assessment forms

Children and young people missing from home or care

Children go missing from home or care for a number of reasons, some of which are often varied and complex.

Those young people who go missing may place themselves and others at risk. As well as short-term risks there can be long term implications for these children. 

We are committed to working with partner agencies to safeguard those young people who go missing and put themselves at risk of exploitation and other forms of harm.

You can access guidance from the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) on Children Abused through Commercial Sexual Exploitation including Prostitution.

Children Missing from Education (CME) Guidance (PDF)

Children who go missing from home or care, or who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation (PDF)

Referral to Hertfordshire Sexual Exploitation and Runaway Children's Panel (Word doc)

Hertfordshire Sexual Exploitation and Runaway Children - Terms of reference (PDF)

Private Fostering Conference 2017