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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council has been awarded £9 million by the Department for Transport as part of the government’s active travel fund. This includes £2.6 million announced in May 2022 and £6.4 million confirmed in November 2020.

This grant will help us to create safer, easier to use spaces for pedestrians and cyclists. By increasing walking and cycling, we'll improve health, air quality, road safety, the local economy and traffic congestion.

The proposed schemes support the objectives in our Local Transport Plan and Sustainable Hertfordshire strategy to help make more journeys by bicycle and foot across the county.

We are progressing with a number of schemes we consulted on in summer 2021. The additional funds announced in May are planned to go towards new pedestrian and cycle facilities in Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage.  

More information on the engagement and consultation can be found in our Active travel fund consultation report (PDF, 9.1MB).

Latest project updates

London Road, Buntingford

The scheme will provide a continuous 3.5m-wide shared use cycling and pedestrian path along the eastern side of London Road/Station Road/High Street. More than half (54%) of respondents to the Summer 2021 consultation supported the proposals.

We are planning to deliver the project in two phases:

Phase 1 London Road and Station Road (A10 roundabout to Hare Street Road) – Construction is is expected to start in Autumn 2022 and be completed in Summer 2023. These dates are subject to Traffic Regulation Orders that will be advertised from 4 August 2022. This is a separate statutory process that enables us to finalise the design. Find out more on our Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) page.

Phase 2 High Street (Hare Street Road to Vicarage Road) - Further stakeholder engagement and design work will be undertaken on the High Street section. We will confirm the design and the programme dates in due course.

View the designs for London Road/Station Road, Buntingford

Boundary Way Roundabout, Hemel Hempstead

The proposal will see road layout changes to provide a ‘Dutch style’ roundabout, with dedicated space for cyclists around the entire junction, separated from the carriageway, widened footways with pedestrian crossings on all arms, and a lower speed limit of 20mph on all approaches.  

Consultation responses from the wider public were positive, with 64% of respondents either strongly agreeing or tending to agree with the proposal.

Design work is ongoing, and subject to completion of internal processes, we expect work to commence in early 2023. 

Find more information on the Boundary Way Roundabout scheme

Central St Albans

We are proposing a new cycle route linking Central St Albans with existing cycle routes to the south and west of the city, alongside new and improved crossing points and vehicle access changes. The scheme has been split into four sections for delivery:

  • Upper Marlborough Road and Marlborough Road;
  • London Road - Keyfield Terrace;
  • Old London Road;
  • Approach Road.

Feedback from the summer consultation showed wide support for the Central St Albans scheme, with 60% of respondents stating they strongly agree or tend to agree with the overall concept.

Further design work and engagement with residents and local members has been ongoing to help understand the impacts of the proposals with the hope of finding a positive outcome that works for all parties. One of the proposed sections of the Central St Albans scheme included changes at Old London Road, with a proposed road closure at the junction of Keyfield Terrace, Old London Road, Sopwell Lane, and Cottonmill Crescent. Access would be maintained for residents, although this would affect the ways in which vehicles travel the area.

We recently invited comments on the possibility of introducing a trial of the closure so as to better understand the impact it may have on access and traffic flow. The trial would be in place for three weeks later in 2022. If this were to go ahead, residents would be kept informed in good time of any changes to the highway and access.

The feedback we received regarding the proposed trial closure is now being reviewed by the project team and an update on the next steps for the project will be provided shortly.

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments for your participation.

Find more information on the Central St Albans scheme

Fleetville Better Neighbourhood, St Albans

The initial engagement exercise undertaken in spring 2021 identified a high level of support from members of the public to high level concepts that would create quieter streets in the Fleetville area. There was a 79% approval rating on core features such as the introduction of a 20mph speed limit, the closure of through-routes to vehicular traffic, and a reprioritisation of space in the neighbourhood for those travelling by foot or bicycle.

Local insight is essential in ensuring the success of schemes of this nature: we have held two workshops with community representatives in recent months to help inform design development and had been intending to run a public consultation on specific proposals this summer, with the hope of subsequently introducing improvements on a trial basis. However, following our discussions with local stakeholders, more work is needed in order to determine the best long-term solutions for the area.

We are grateful for all the input we have received to date and are now considering how to best reflect the feedback as the project progresses.

North Road, Stevenage

The North Road scheme was split into three sections which were consulted on in Summer 2021.

The central section, between Coreys Mill Lane and A602 Lytton Way gyratory, will be taken forward to delivery. More than half of the respondents (53%) supported the central section.

Some aspects of the proposals, such as the amendment to waiting (parking) restrictions, installation of road humps and new crossing points, remain subject to separate statutory processes. We’ll be publishing the Traffic Regulation Orders for these aspects of the proposals shortly as part of these processes and to enable us to finalise the design. Find out more on on our Traffic Regulation Orders page.

We anticipate works will start in late 2022 / early 2023 subject to the outcome of the TROs. 

We were not successful in attaining funding for the northern extension to the scheme in the government’s Active Travel Fund. As such we are pausing work and exploring alternative funding opportunities. 

At the southern end of North Road, the Department for Transport have asked us to amend our original proposals which included a cycle lane around the gyratory between North Road and the High Street.  However, they are supportive of making improvements at the top end of the High Street to improved walking and cycle access into the Old Town and have confirmed funding.

Further engagement will now take place with Stevenage Borough Council, the DFT and Active Travel England to shape the proposal prior to further business and public engagement.

Read more information on the North Road scheme.

Wiggenhall Road, Watford

This project was successfully completed in September 2022. The scheme replaced the previous temporary cycle lane with a new wider shared use pavement. The Wiggenhall Road project received good levels of support (76%) during our public consultation in summer 2021.

In partnership with Watford Borough Council, the cycle path through Riverside Park has also recently been resurfaced. These sections now connect and form part of the national cycle network.

Further project background.


Stratford Way junction, Watford

Taking into consideration the levels of support and the feedback received during the consultation, we have decided not to progress this scheme.

Welwyn Garden City Town Centre

We are progressing with cycle and pedestrian improvements in Welwyn Garden City town centre. This includes dedicated space for cycling on Bridge Road (Hunters Bridge), Wigmores North and Fretherne Road, crossing improvements across Osborn Way and Howardsgate, and the introduction of a town centre wide 20mph zone.

Building on the success of the completed Stonehills works, the scheme will further enhance the environment and make travelling to, from and around Welwyn Garden City easier and safer for people walking and cycling.

Works commenced on Bridge Road on 30 August 2022 and are expected to be completed in late January 2023.

The works are being carried out in phases to minimise disruption. They consist of:

  • Early works – Installation of temporary bus stop facilities to support Phase A works, were completed.
  • Phase A – Installation of Osborn Way toucan crossing (signalised crossing point for both pedestrians and cyclists), was completed.
  • Phase B – Footway works outside Welwyn Carpet Mills, between 26 September – 2 October.
  • Phase C – Cycleway works around the roundabout, between 3 October - mid October.
  • Phase D – Cycleway works along Hunters Bridge, between mid-October – early December.
  • Pause in works over Christmas period.
  • Phase D continued – Cycle works along Hunters Bridge, between early January – mid-January. 
  • Phase E – Removal of temporary bollards on Bridge Road westbound, mid-January.
  • Phase F –Footway reconstruction and vegetation works, late January.

Delivery of the other elements around Howardsgate, Fretherne Road and Wigmores North will follow in early 2023.

There will be some road and/or lane closures enforced periodically on Osborn Way, Bridge Road and the roundabout between Bridge Road and Osborn Way whilst the works are underway. Official diversions will be in place to accommodate the road closures taking place.

Bus services will be impacted, with diversion routes, alternative stops in use and other required facilities in place to ease the pressure on the services during the works. Full details are available on the Intalink website.

Read more information on the Welwyn Garden City town centre scheme, including diversion routes for the first phases of work.

Digswell Park Road, Welwyn Garden City and Digswell

There was significant 88% support to retain the closure of Digswell Park Road for the benefit of those that walk and cycle. As well as keeping the closure, the summer consultation proposed a reduction to the speed limit and crossing improvements on Bessemer Road and Hertford Road.  

Although we weren’t successful in securing funding to progress this project through the government’s Active Travel Fund, we are seeking alternative arrangements to proceed with the crossing improvements. The closure of Digswell Park Road to vehicular traffic is not affected by this funding decision and has been made permanent following publication of legal order to support it which received no objections.

We have also publicised additional Traffic Regulation Orders for a 20mph speed limit along Digswell Park Road and double yellow lines in the turning head of the cul-de-sac off Harmer Green Lane. No objections were received. These orders will support the completion of design work during 2022/23.

Read more information on the Digswell Park Road scheme

Project timeline

Active travel funding tranche 2 (autumn 2020)

We were awarded £6.4 million in funding from the government’s Active Travel Fund.

Early Engagement exercise (spring 2021)

We undertook an initial engagement exercise to gather initial feedback and understand public opinion on our twelve draft proposals.  The outcome of that exercise has helped shape designs and decide which proposals were taken forward to consultation.

Public consultation (summer 2021)

We consulted on our walking and cycling improvements in 8 different locations across 6 towns in the county.

Considering the feedback (autumn / winter 2021)

We have carefully considered all comments received during consultation to inform our decision making on the next steps for each of the proposals. View the results: Active travel fund consultation report (PDF, 9.1MB).

Statutory process (late 2021 / 2022)

Where required, further statutory processes will be required which will include advertising parking restrictions and revised speed limits.

Additional £2.6 million funding announced (May 2022)

We were awarded another £2.6 million in funding from the government’s Active Travel Fund. The additional funds are planned to go towards new pedestrian and cycle facilities in Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage.

Construction (ongoing from spring 2022)

Please refer the project specific updates for detailed information on each scheme.

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