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Hertfordshire County Council

Active Travel England's active travel fund have awarded us £9 million since November 2020, plus a further £4.6 million in May 2023 which we're using for schemes in Digswell, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Watford, Welwyn Garden City and Wheathampstead.

These support the objectives in our Local Transport Plan, Sustainable Hertfordshire strategy and Active Travel Strategy to make it easier and safer to walk, wheel and cycle. This will improve health, air quality, road safety, the local economy and traffic congestion.

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Under construction

Hemel Hempstead – Jarman Park

We are progressing with crossing improvements at Jarman Park, Hemel Hempstead.

We're installing a new signalised toucan crossing over the A414. This will improve access for people walking and cycling between residential areas to the north and key local destinations, including the shops and leisure facilities at Jarman Park. The step-free crossing alternative to the existing footbridge will benefit vulnerable users and those crossing with prams, trolleys or bicycles.  

We'll also be delivering new sections of shared-use path and improved lighting to provide better onward connections to National Cycle Network Route 57 and Adeyfield.  

The scheme was consulted on in Summer 2023 and received overall support. We've outlined the results in the consultation report (PDF 2.38MB).

Construction is due to start on 8 July and is expected to be completed in October 2024.

The work is being carried out in phases to minimise disruption:

  • Phase 1: A414 eastbound lane closure, 8 July – mid-August
  • Phase 2: A414 westbound lane closure, mid-August – early September
  • Phase 3: A414 eastbound and westbound lane closures, early September – late September
  • Phase 4a: A414 full road closure, eastbound only, 3 nights in late September – early October
  • Phase 4b: A414 full road closure, westbound only, 3 nights in early October.  


Vehicle access during construction
We'll need to close some lanes and roads on the A414 between Hemel Hempstead roundabout and Jarman Park.  

The lane closures will only be in place during off-peak hours (9.30am – 3.30pm), Monday to Friday.  

Road closures will be in place to carry out the required surfacing work overnight (9pm – 5am). We'll divert the traffic during this time and make sure it's clearly signed in advance.

  • Phase 4a: Vehicles travelling from Hemel Hempstead towards Jarman Park or M1 will need to follow the signed diversion route via Leighton Buzzard Road, Link Road, Redbourn Road, Swallowdale Lane, Maylands Avenue and A414 St Albans Road.
  • Phase 4b: Vehicles travelling from Jarman Park or M1 towards Hemel Hempstead will need to follow the signed diversion route via A414 St Albans Road, Maylands Avenue, Swallowdale Lane, Redbourn Road, Link Road and Leighton Buzzard Road.


Bus services during construction
Some bus services may experience slightly longer journey times whilst the lane closures are in place (9.30am – 3.30pm).  

We are continuing to engage with the bus companies operating along the A414 St Albans Road. More information can be found on the Intalink website.


Walking and cycling during construction
Access to the existing footbridge will be maintained throughout the works. There may be some short-term diversions in place.  

More about Hemel Hempstead - Jaman Park

St Albans (central)

The walking and cycling improvements in central St Albans are designed to:

  • enhance north-south connections;
  • complement existing active travel routes, including National Cycle Network Route 6 and the St Albans Green Ring;
  • make it safer and easier to walk and cycle to the city centre, train station, council offices and local schools;
  • support the objectives in the Local Transport Plan and Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy to decrease the number of trips people take by car, thereby reducing congestion, improving air quality, and boosting physical and mental health of local communities.


Delivery of improvements

We've scheduled the improvement works to begin on 24 June 2024 and continue until early September 2024.

Our highways contractor Ringway, will carry out the works in 4 phases to keep disruption to a minimum. We'll be working hard to minimise the impact, and apologise for any inconvenience you might experience. We'd like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Overnight carriageway resurfacing works

As the improvements near completion, some temporary road closures will be needed so that carriageway resurfacing works can be completed overnight. These are expected to take place in late August and more information will be provided to those in the vicinity of the works closer to the time.

You can find out more about the project on the St Albans scheme page.

Watford - Water Lane

The road safety improvements on Water Lane at the junction with High Street in Watford have now mostly been delivered. We have rearranged the junction to encourage slower vehicle speeds and improve the visibility of people cycling southbound on High Street. 

Final works

We will be installing coloured safety surfacing on the cycle lane along High Street at the junction with Water Lane.

This work is weather-sensitive, so unfortunately the final night of work planned for 14 June was postponed due to rain.

We'll confirm a date for the rescheduled work soon. When we do, we'll close the junction of Water Lane with High Street to all vehicles for one night between 10pm and 3am. 

During this time, access to properties and businesses on High Street, Smith Street, The Crescent, Granville Road, George Street, Church Street and New Street will be via Exchange Road and Cambridge Road.

Bus services 142, 258, 306, 321, 328, 602 & 635 will use Exchange Road to serve the ring road stops and won’t serve the stops in the town.

Access will continue for people walking. There may be some short-term diversions which will be clearly signed. Those cycling southbound on High Street will be asked to dismount near the junction with Water Lane and share the pavement with care.

The improvements

  • The existing two-lane approach to the junction with High Street has been reduced to one, and the footway on the northern side of Water Lane widened;
  • A raised table has been constructed at the junction to encourage slower vehicle speeds;
  • Better signage has been installed on Water Lane approaching High Street to make those who drive more aware of people cycling and walking along High Street.

Funded by the Government’s Active Travel Fund, the improvements complement the existing cycle networks through the heart of the town centre, with onward connections to Cassiobury Park to the north and the National Cycle Network Route 61 to the south. 

For more details view the Water Lane construction plan (PDF 486KB)

Welwyn Garden City town centre

We are delivering walking and cycling improvements in Welwyn Garden City town centre. This includes crossing improvements across Osborn Way and Howardsgate, dedicated space for cycling on Bridge Road (Hunters Bridge), Wigmores North and Fretherne Road, and the introduction of a town centre wide 20mph zone.

Building on the success of the completed Stonehills Square project, the scheme further enhances the town centre and makes travelling to, from and around Welwyn Garden City easier and safer for people walking and cycling.


Hunters Bridge

Work started on Bridge Road on 30 August 2022 and were completed on 20 January 2023. A permanent two-way cycle route has been installed on Bridge Road connecting to the existing shared use on Broadwater Road. A new crossing for people walking and cycling was also installed over Osborn Way, improving the connections into Welwyn Garden City town centre.

In parallel with the final town centre work, we'll be clearing vegetation and road marking at the junction of Bridge Road and access road south (leading to the station and the old Weetabix Factory).


Town centre

Work to improve walking and cycling routes in the town centre began on 1 February 2023. The main works were completed at the end of November 2023, including new raised crossings around Howardsgate. This has improved access around and through the gardens, and dedicates cycling space on Fretherne Road and Wigmores North to make it safer to cycle in and out of the town centre.

Some additional minor work will be undertaken later in 2024, including:

  • 2 traffic islands at Fretherne Road (near Iceland)
  • low railings at Fretherne Road (near Howardsgate)
  • bollards at the junction of Parkway with Howardsgate
  • bollards south of the pedestrian crossing at Osborn Way (Stonehills)
  • bollards and tree pits at Stonebank.

Details will be provided in due course. Until then, the roads in the town centre will remain open. 



More about the Welwyn Garden City town centre scheme


Proposed projects

Oaklands and Woolmer Green

We are proposing two Safer Routes to School projects in Oaklands and Woolmer Green.

The projects aim to:

  • make it safer and easier for people to walk and cycle in the local area;
  • reduce the speed limit through the two communities
  • enable families to choose to walk, wheel or cycle to school in the two villages
  • lower noise pollution levels by reducing car speeds
  • connect people to their schools, shops and local amenities without the need to use the car
  • improve the village experience in Oaklands and Woolmer Green.

Feedback received during our early engagement period in February 2023 is now being reviewed to help develop our designs.

View the results of Oaklands and Woolmer Green - Early engagement (PDF 1.49MB).

We will be consulting on more detailed plans later in the year.

More about the Safer Routes to School – Oaklands and Woolmer Green scheme

Stevenage – High Street, Old Town

We are proposing improvements to the High Street in Old Town, Stevenage.

The project aims to:

  • create a safer, more pleasant place for everyone to enjoy and spend more time
  • make it easier and more convenient for people to walk, wheel and cycle in the area.

Feedback from our early engagement period in May/June 2023 was reviewed and published, and helped to develop our designs: High Street Old Town Stevenage - Early engagement (PDF 1.63Mb)

We're reviewed the feedback received during our public consultation period held in February/March 2024 and you can now view the consultation report: Stevenage High Street Improvements Consultation Report (PDF 3.48MB)


Coming soon

Buntingford – London Road

We are pleased to confirm that the final phase of works for London Road is completed and the roads are now fully open.

The scheme has provided a continuous shared use cycling and pedestrian path along the eastern side of London Road, Station Road and High Street. It also provided new pedestrian and crossing points, lower speed limits to make the area safer for everyone, in addition to new and improved bus stops to serve the new Buntingford First School. 

Latest updates

Carriageway resurfacing on the approaches to the zebra crossings was completed in early October. The remaining finishing works for London Road involves landscaping on the embankments and verges. This includes planting ten trees, daffodil bulbs, sowing grass and wildflower seed.

Stage 2 High Street

Detailed design work for High Street (Hare Street Road - Vicarage Road) is currently underway. The designs will be subject to engagement with key stakeholders and the local community, and statutory processes. We are aiming to start construction in summer 2024. We will provide further updates in due course.

More about the London Road scheme.

Hemel Hempstead – Boundary Way and Buncefield Lane

We're progressing with Boundary Way roundabout and Buncefield Lane quietway schemes in Hemel Hempstead.

This would include the introduction of a ‘Dutch-style’ roundabout at Boundary Way to make it safer for those walking and cycling. The improvements will include a dedicated space for people cycling around the entire junction, separated from the carriageway as well as pedestrian crossings and widened footways.

The scheme continues along Buncefield Lane towards Three Cherry Trees Lane providing a quietway route through the heart of Maylands. Bollards will be installed to create a low-traffic route, increasing comfort and safety for those walking, wheeling and cycling.

Latest updates
Construction for Buncefield Lane quietway is planned to start in the summer, more information on the works will be provided before they begin.

Final design works is currently being carried out for Boundary Way roundabout, with construction expected to begin later in the year. More information will be provided closer to the time.

More about the Boundary Way and Buncefield Lane (North) scheme


Completed projects

Hertford - Brickendon Lane

Following a petition by the local community to improve road safety at Brickendon Lane, a new zebra crossing has been installed near the junction with Mandeville Road to provide a safer route to schools and the town centre for local residents. The scheme also plays a crucial part in joining up our network of footpaths to provide better accessibility for all.

In addition to the crossing improvements, we have introduced traffic calming measures to slow vehicle speeds, with a cycle bypass, to create a safer environment for local residents choosing to use sustainable and active travel options. We have also cut back vegetation at the junction with Mandeville Road to improve visibility and upgraded bus stops.  

The improvements were delivered in August 2023 as part of our Safer Routes to School programme, which promotes safer and healthier ways of travelling to and from school. 

Letchworth Garden City - Norton Road

This scheme was implemented in April 2023 providing a new signalised crossing near the junction with Croft Lane.

This has improved safety and access to St Nicholas Primary School and local shops.

Stevenage - North Road

A new two-way cycle route along the eastern side of North Road between Coreys Mill Lane and the A602 Lytton Way gyratory has now been installed, along with new crossing facilities and better signage to local routes.

The scheme was successfully delivered in February 2024 and provides a safe and efficient route for people walking, cycling and wheeling to the hospital, schools, Stevenage High Street, surrounding countryside and existing cycle routes, including National Cycle Network Route 12.

More information about the North Road project

Now that the walking and cycling improvements along North Road have been completed, we are now delivering a project to improve road safety and increase visibility at the junction of B197 Graveley Road and North Road. More information about our road safety project.

Watford – Wiggenhall Road

This project was successfully completed in September 2022. The scheme replaced the previous temporary cycle lane with a new wider shared use pavement. The Wiggenhall Road project received good levels of support (76%) during our public consultation in summer 2021.

In partnership with Watford Borough Council, the cycle path through Riverside Park has also recently been resurfaced. These sections now connect and form part of the national cycle network.

More about the active travel fund schemes in Watford

Welwyn Garden City and Digswell - Digswell Park Road

As part of our Safer Routes to School programme, the improvements at Digswell Park Road offer a safer and more convenient route for people walking, wheeling and cycling to schools, shop and Welwyn North train station. This includes accessible connections between residential areas, schools, and local amenities.

Construction began on 14 August 2023 and was successfully completed on 23 September 2023.

Key improvements:

  • A new signalised toucan crossing over Bessemer Road provides a safe pathway for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users, facilitating easy access between the existing shared-use path on Bessemer Road and Digswell Park Road.
  • A new zebra crossing over Hertford Road and an additional section of shared-use path linking into Harmer Green Lane provides onward connections to Welwyn North and the surrounding countryside.
  • To enhance the safety of the new crossing, speed cushions have been placed along Hertford Road to slow vehicles as they approach the junction with Digswell Park Road.
  • The speed limit on Digswell Park Road between Bessemer Road and Hertford Road has been reduced to 20mph. The road remains closed to motor vehicles, providing a traffic-free route for people walking, wheeling and cycling.

More about the Digswell Park Road scheme, including a map.

Wheathampstead – Codicote Road Roundabout

As part of our Safer Routes to School programme, the improvements at Codicote Road provide safer and more accessible connections between residential areas, schools, and local amenities.

Delivery of new walking facilities at Codicote Road Roundabout started on 14 August and was completed in early December 2023.

The project has delivered:

  • Two new raised zebra crossings on Lower Luton Road and Codicote Road to improve connections between residential areas, schools and local amenities.
  • Speed cushions on Codicote Road and Lower Luton Road approaching the roundabout to enhance the safety of the new crossings and to create a more pleasant environment for people walking, wheeling and using the bus stops.
  • Refurbishing of existing informal crossing points over Station Road and Lamer Lane.
  • Widening of footways on each corner of the roundabout.

For details of the designs that were delivered, view the Codicote Road Roundabout Map - (PDF 330MB) 

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Project timeline

  • Active travel funding tranche 2 (autumn 2020) – we were awarded £6.4 million in funding from the government’s Active Travel Fund.
  • Early Engagement exercise (spring 2021) – we undertook an initial engagement exercise to gather initial feedback and understand public opinion on our twelve draft proposals. The outcome of that exercise has helped shape designs and decide which proposals were taken forward to consultation.
  • Public consultation (summer 2021) – we consulted on our walking and cycling improvements in 8 different locations across 6 towns in the county.
  • Considering the feedback (autumn / winter 2021) – we carefully considered all comments received during consultation to inform our decision making on the next steps for each of the proposals. View the results: Active travel fund consultation report (PDF, 9.1MB).
  • Statutory process (late 2021-22) – where required, further statutory processes will be required which will include advertising parking restrictions and revised speed limits.
  • Additional £2.6 million funding announced (May 2022) – we were awarded another £2.6 million in funding from the government’s Active Travel Fund. The additional funds are planned to go towards new pedestrian and cycle facilities in Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage.
  • Construction (ongoing from spring 2022) – Please refer the project specific updates for detailed information on each scheme.
  • Additional improvements (winter / spring 2023) – an engagement exercise was held to gather initial feedback and understand public opinion on our proposals in Oaklands & Woolmer Green. The outcome of this exercise will help shape designs and define which proposals are taken forward to consultation later in the year.
  • Additional improvements (spring 2023) – we are undertaking an engagement exercise to gather initial feedback and understand public opinion on our initial proposals on High Street, Old Town, Stevenage. The outcome of this exercise will help shape designs and define which proposals are taken forward to consultation later in the year.
  • Additional £4.6 million funding announced (May 2023) – we were awarded additional funding from Active Travel England, which will support the delivery of further walking and cycling improvements across the county.


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