Reading groups

We provide reading groups with book collections so you’ll never be left unprepared.

Run a reading group

Deciding on the type of books you're going to read is probably the most important part of setting up a reading group.

We offer a reading group subscription service which gives your group:

  • exclusive access to the titles in our Reading Group collection.
  • free reservations on Hertfordshire library stock
  • at least 12 copies of the same book for your group to borrow at once
  • an extended loan period – 6 weeks.
  • a quarterly newsletter

Print or share our quick checklist of titles

Subscription - £30 per year, per Reading Group


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8 steps to a great reading group

  1. Get group members
    Phone a friend, ask a colleague, put up posters.  Spread the word!  Between 5 and 10 members is ideal.

  2. Choose a group name
    Will you be the “Bushey Bookworms"?  "Baldock Bibliophiles"?  Or something more original?

  3. Time
    Decide when you'll meet and for how long. Once a month is a good idea.

  4. Venue
    Agree where you'll meet.  Your local library might have a meeting room you can book.

  5. Choose a group leader
    It helps to have someone to keep things running smoothly. That might be one person, or you can take turns.

  6. Set ground rules
    How strict are you going to be?  Will you monitor attendance?  Who will provide refreshments?  What happens if people consistently don’t read the books?

  7. Discussion questions
    To get conversation flowing, it might be an idea to have some questions ready.  For example:
    Could you relate to the characters?

    Did you guess the ending?

    Is it the type of book you'd normally choose?

  8. Themes and ideas
    Keep things fresh by introducing different activities to some of the meetings. If there's a film of the book, you could have a movie night to compare them. Or you could have a quiz based on the book.